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Tough Sudoku for 11/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Fi - you have definitely excelled yourself here. What a beautiful photo - well done.
Would that be in the Arnhem Land area?
12:26 Lotsa big birds -- squawk! :)
8:58 Maen
Oh... beautiful picture! a lot of bird life. 35:34 not too bad today.
one more, thanks NICK for your reply yesterday.
Beautiful shot, Fi.
8:11 Way too easy for a tough
Possible proof of too easy sudoku of 10 11 06:

1) Start at 22 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 26 filled. (UP 26).
2) Hidden pair 24 at hi8 forbids d8=2,ab8=4,h8=15 and i8=157 UP 49
3a) Locked 7's at e56 forbids d6=7
3b) Locked 6's at e456 forbids df4=6
3c) More...
After the easy Hard, this one stumped me.
Since today's puzzle is not quite tough enough, imho - I would love some feed back on the following puzzle that I created:

I am thinking about making a custom puzzle More...
rather straight for a tough!
Hi, Steve-- Your creation appears to be missing a row. Very difficult, indeed!
I solved today's Tough Puzzle! It seems it is not really tough. Was interesting, though!
After your step 2, i eliminated to the end. This was too easy :-)))
In the puzzle you created there are only 8 rows??
My above comment was for Steve - sorry!
6:30 I fill in the blanks then use the check moves. That might be cheating but it works. It'll never work on paper though.
Good evening to all!

Fi: A great picture> When I come to Australia I hope you will be available to take my guide and I aroung the NT for a few days!
Very pretty photo; it looks familiar
hehe don't know how I lost a row!
The last row:
000_000_000 - row 1
sorry about that!
Here is the full puzzle:

820_100_00 0
000_00 0_000

I guess that since the last row did not contain any candidates, I just did not even see that I omitted it. Of course, without knowing which row I omitted, one would have some problems with the puzzle.
Nice picture but very easy puzzle today.

I am very curious, if anyone wishes to indulge me, in the manner of solution others find for the puzzle I posted, hopefully correctly this time. Rather than give away the technique I intended to highlight, I would love to see if there are other simpler ways to solve the puzzle - versus the technique it was intended to expose.
Today's puzzle was simple enough that I had time to finish my proof of the 10-08 puzzle.
Hi STEVE from Ohio,
Your puzzle, i looked pairs (47) and sovle it. that way is correct?
Hi ttt!
There always many ways to solve a puzzle. Without more information and what you did with the pairs, I cannot tell... The puzzle does look like it might beg remote pairs, but I cannot find the links without looking a long, long time.
Perhaps you can tell us a more detailed explanation of what you found?
I ran the puzzle I created through the Sudoku solver at the scanraid site. After a long, long time, it could do no better then to solve one square more than the given puzzle, and a bunch of eliminations that evnetually just got the solver stuck. So, perhaps it is an interesting puzzle?
Here is a possible path for the puzzle with which I have troubled this site:

Possible proof of 'medium' sudoku created on 10 11 06:

1) Start at 23 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 23 filled. (UP 23).
2) Hidden pair 12 at gi5 forbids g5=4578 and forbids h5=458 More...
Steve give solution?
Hi STEVE from Ohio,
I was wrong and ... thoughtless. i just see 47 on a179,d79 then filled d1=9, i forgot 5 ...
Sorry, i must be thinking much more before put the comment here.
Did Gath know it was my birthday and that I wouldn't have the time to spend on a challenge today ! This one needs nothing more than colours (or F.C using only one number). Does this justify the puzzle being placed in the tough section? Sorry Steve, I'd love to look at your puzzle, but when I see More...
Happy Birthday Meg.

Thanks for the comments re the picture. You are right HalT that that Billabong is in Aboriginal land but out in West of Darwin towards Port Keats (Wadeye). Arnhem Land is East of Darwin. I head out there next Monday.

Canuk Greg, Who is your guide?
Oct. 19, 2007.
19/Oct/07 11:37 PM

05/Sep/10 10:11 PM
note re Steve's puzzle:
many chains solve (back-door is ghi9=4).

loop:(3=124)ghi9-(2)h78=(*12)h19-(3)h19=h78 => acd9<>4 et.al.
15/Dec/10 4:12 AM
02/Feb/20 10:02 PM
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