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Tough Sudoku for 11/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1. Note g56=45.Unique possibilities to 31.
2. Whether c1=7,c4=5;OR c1=4=a9,a5=2,i5=1=b6,b5=4;g5=5.UP60.
3. Whether b3=9;OR f3=9,h3=8;b7=8.UP81.
11/Nov/13 1:00 AM
Alfred, h3 is not 8. b7 is, though.
11/Nov/13 3:58 AM
Standard techniques UP 31
1. (5=7)c4-(7=4)c1-b1=b56-a56=148b56c5 =>c5<>5 UP 60
2. XY-wing (8=9)b7-(9=6)b3-(6=8)h3 =>h7<>8 UP 81
11/Nov/13 6:21 AM
Another way to write the first step in the other two solutions:

(4=213)ahi5 - ((1 or 3)=674)ahi6 => a29|b56 <> 4
11/Nov/13 6:51 AM
(29) 45@g56=>g56<>3
(32) 2?@a5=>i5=1=>{h5=3&b6=1=>f6=3=>[d4=5=>c4=7&g6=5=>a6=4=>c9=4]}=>c1={}=>a5& LT;>2
(61) 8?@h3=>[b3=6&h7=9=>a9=9]=>a2={}=>h3<>8
VHBC to 81
V:Only cell left in Vertical column More...
11/Nov/13 6:53 AM
some of the MW-x series solved, excellent paths by peterj, MW-9, MW-8 somewhat better than mine.
MW-4 (almost the same)
1. [(1)e1=*(4)d3-SS(4)a36.e6d45=(4-1)a5=a3] - (1=9)c1
aals(379)e1de3 # -9d1

// SS(2)dc7.ce6; -2d45.e9

2. More...
11/Nov/13 7:52 AM
Awww! Stop and look at the flowers.
11/Nov/13 7:52 AM
no attempts were ever submitted for the 10/27 puzzle
site puzzle, SG @ UP=26, FAIL; SE=9.0 (unsolved)

The AHS links are a little too complex for SG's code (positional hidden sets).
Not all that More...
11/Nov/13 7:57 AM
as you might imagine, many new puzzles have been submitted by SG .. hard to choose, just a few now.
11/Nov/13 8:04 AM
P-2000: Symmetry=AntiDiagonal, Start=25, SSTS=26
SG @ UP=26, FAIL; SE=9.0 @ 4 dynamic kraken,7 kraken, 11 FC
11/Nov/13 8:05 AM
P-2001: Symmetry=None, Start=25, SSTS=29
SG @ Score=26; SE=9.0 @ 6 dynamic kraken, 12 kraken, 12 FC
11/Nov/13 8:07 AM
P-2002: Symmetry=None, Start=25, SSTS=33
SG @ UP=36, FAIL; SE=9.1 @ 4 dynamic kraken, 14 kraken, 13 FC
11/Nov/13 8:09 AM
P-2003: Symmetry=None, Start=22, SSTS=26
SG @ UP=31, FAIL; SE=9.0 @ 5 dynamic kraken, 13 kraken, 18 FC
11/Nov/13 8:10 AM
P-2004: Symmetry=None, Start=26, SSTS=32
SG @ UP=32, FAIL; SE=9.0 @ 6 dynamic kraken, 8 kraken, 7 FC
11/Nov/13 8:12 AM
MW-1 (sotir):
many other good possibilities exist after step 2, this may not be best, shortest
path I could find counting chaining steps.

1. UR(36)de.39::(8)e56=d5-d9=*(3)e8-de9=(43')bg9 # -8bg9.e8, -3d9

// xy: (1=6)i9-(6=5)i4-f4=f1-(5=1)e2-f1=g1 # -1g789.e9.i2

2. More...
11/Nov/13 8:16 AM
the remaining MW-2,3,5,6 remain unsolved ...
11/Nov/13 8:18 AM
Hi Sarah,I am not saying h3=8.Just that the consequence of b3=9;OR f3=9 is the same;namely b7=8.

Best Regards,Alfred.
11/Nov/13 8:36 AM
Can't help but smile seeing these
11/Nov/13 11:47 AM
Yes grasshopper, my dear old Dad used to call these happy little fellows 'Johnny jump ups'!!
11/Nov/13 1:50 PM
I agree Grass-hopper and Gma Jackie...what are these guys thinking!!!Jolly Jump Ups is what I remember them as
11/Nov/13 1:52 PM
Bluey, you're correct...memory aint what it used to be, and the folk who knew the names are sadly, long gone!
11/Nov/13 1:54 PM
kobold, nice job on the 10/27 puzzle - not an obvious path imo! I struggled with it and gave up - a grid with a lot of possible chains most of which did nothing useful. I'd rather hit 'ice' quickly!
11/Nov/13 11:04 PM
2)(5=7)c9-hi9=(7-8)g8=h7-(8=3) f7-f2=a2-(379=5)a456,=>a8<>5
4 More...
13/Nov/13 2:36 AM
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