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Tough Sudoku for 13/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Only because I appear to be first (for anything in my life) I have decided to post. I'm certain that everyone is probably experiencing the same ungodly delays as I have today. Did not keep score as I am always thrilled (enough) to actually finish a tough puzzle, but will admit to 2 guesses. More...
13/Sep/07 4:12 AM
15:01 Maen! Another beautiful Egypt photo... keep them coming!
13/Sep/07 5:41 AM
Wonderful photo, with the light behind the spire.
13/Sep/07 9:39 AM
Tell me Anne, do you ever sleep? You generally post before you go to bed, which has to be around 10 to 11 PM (your time). And when no one can get to the sudoku site all day, you can post at 2 to 3 AM (your time). Or maybe I am really messed up on my time reckoning. :)
13/Sep/07 9:51 AM
Oops! Sorry Anne, 'Ame' is too close to 'Anne' on my screen. Mea culpa.
13/Sep/07 9:55 AM
26 mts.
13/Sep/07 10:31 AM
Anne has a very active social life
13/Sep/07 11:00 AM
13/Sep/07 11:02 AM
Today's was really easy...
13/Sep/07 12:02 PM
One goof - caught early - easy on out
13/Sep/07 12:16 PM
Maen. Another pretty straight forward puzzle n not too tough but still unable to break sub-10min. 11.48. Wow. Beautiful Egypt. Thx Wagdy.
13/Sep/07 12:24 PM
Thanks Wagdy!
13/Sep/07 12:49 PM
Another One from Egypt and this time from Alexandria (200Km North Cairo city.Lovely area in Summer time .
Enjoy it and have a very nice time all.
13/Sep/07 1:27 PM
Lovely colours Wagdy!!
13/Sep/07 2:32 PM
Hello HalT - I'm learning to write in my sleep so I get up at all hours and write a comment.

Yes, Mary, I lead such an active social life I never sleep.
13/Sep/07 3:14 PM
WoW Wadgy!! Spectacular!... I like the contrast and the sky-line of the ancient buildings. I love the angle and the way you have the setting sun almost shining out of the tower. I guess you had a divine artist assisting your photograpy for the layered clouds :)
13/Sep/07 4:35 PM
6.41 Stunning photography.
Ame, good to see you post, and yes, there were veeery long delays last night and this morning, Sudoku time.
13/Sep/07 5:13 PM
20 minutes w/o any mistake..to see this stunner from wagdy..quite a calm noon here after a brief commotion following an alert from the met.dept regarding the tsunami. by the mercy of mother nature all is well so far..
13/Sep/07 5:55 PM
Hi Fi! love to greet you that way but seldom I get a chance to do so..hope everything is fine with you..
13/Sep/07 5:56 PM
Hi folks hope you are gud ....bye tc
13/Sep/07 8:27 PM
Finally got in! Gorgeous picture.
13/Sep/07 10:08 PM
13/Sep/07 11:42 PM

07/Sep/10 9:15 PM
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