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Tough Sudoku for 14/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Fairly interesting puzzle today:

Please let me know if you would like to see the proof to this one blogged!

14/Mar/07 12:28 AM
The mysteries of Egypt. Another lovely photo Wagdy.
14/Mar/07 12:29 AM
It is great to see all of these Egytian photos! Thanks
14/Mar/07 12:44 AM
14/Mar/07 1:00 AM
posted before I did the puzzle. Thought I was on another page. Love the pictures of Egypt and it's treasures!
14/Mar/07 1:10 AM
Hi Steve

Is there a way to change back the possibilities from the new grid-like formation. eg 7's are in the bottom left corner, etc,.. I'm finding it harder to spot pairs/triplets, etc,..
14/Mar/07 1:15 AM
Have loved this website for years, but REALLY dislike the new layout of the possibilities. It clutters up the grid and makes it confusing.
Is there an option to change it back?
14/Mar/07 1:27 AM
I gave up on the puzzle because of the irritating way the grid kept moving off my page. I'd really like the option of reverting to 'the old way' which worked fine for me. But I did Wagdy's photo as a jigsaw--terrific!
14/Mar/07 1:27 AM
I saw this when the exhibit made it's first run through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in NY, back in the 70's. I saw the exhibit again at The Franklin Science Institute in PA. I must say I was a bit disappointed because a lot of the artifacts that were with the original exhibit were not on More...
14/Mar/07 1:34 AM
I would like a way to change back the possibilities to the old way instead of the new grid-like formation, too. Maybe it seems disorienting because of the familiarity of the old way. But as always, I love the rewards of the photos. Wagdy, I appreciate you sharing the treasures of Egypt with us.
14/Mar/07 2:08 AM
please add my vote for returning to the 'old ways'. Another great photo Wagdy; thanks!
14/Mar/07 2:48 AM
HATE THE NEW POSSIBILITIES! (And, yes, I AM shouting!) The grid is fine for ''provers'' (like Steve) but makes it nearly impossible for us ''solvers.'' May we vote on it, GATH? Please either dump it or make it an option!
14/Mar/07 2:51 AM
I agree Christie, it's very very confusing. I see that for some people it may make seeing patterns easier, but not for me, it just makes me confused.
14/Mar/07 2:52 AM
It is one of my photos . This Golden Mask is about 5000 years old.
Are this can give an answer to' the other some friends' who consider our Egypt history is just a commercial tourist item .
14/Mar/07 2:53 AM
No guesses today. I thought the new numbering system might make it easier to spot hidden pairs or something, but it made it harder to solve the puzzle. I kept missing numbers. E.g., I had a triplet of 169, and I kept missing the 1.
14/Mar/07 3:12 AM
New possibilities *#$%!!! Don't usually post, but really now, we want old Coke back.
14/Mar/07 3:46 AM
WAGDY, you have misunderstood. No one has criticized Egypt's wonderful historical treasures. Just the opposite. Everyone here is just very sad that there are gaudy shops nearby selling miniature pyramids and ice cream.
14/Mar/07 4:25 AM
I first saw this mask in the Cairo Museum some years ago in a display of the contents of the tomb. I was staggered by the beauty and variety of the artifacts that were recovered.
14/Mar/07 5:15 AM
I have to agree with most of the comments above regarding the new grid of possibilities. I got a headache trying to figure things out. Please reverse to the old way.
14/Mar/07 5:25 AM
Took me an hour an a half. I also prefer the old system.
14/Mar/07 5:30 AM
Thanks again to Wagdy for another photo of the magnificent Egyptian culture.
14/Mar/07 6:10 AM
New grid made me dizzy, so abandoned puzzle before I'd even finished the possibilities.
14/Mar/07 6:54 AM
Hi Everyone,

Wow - the new possibilities option is EASILY the most unpopular change ever (well done to me).

Ok, I'll make a change so that it is an option.

14/Mar/07 7:23 AM
I like the 'new' format, since it falls in line with sudoku solving programs like Simple Sudoku and SudoCue. However, one small issue: when I click 'Solve Easy' the numbers appear in the old format. I have to manipulate the possibilities to get it into the new format.
14/Mar/07 7:24 AM
Now when he was a young man,
He never thought he'd see
People stand in line to see the boy king.
14/Mar/07 7:32 AM
Thank goodness for that Gath, my head is spinning just concentrating on the possibilities.
The Cairo museum is magnificent to visit
14/Mar/07 7:47 AM
Good afternoon to all! This guy used to live next door to me Wagdy! Nice photo!
14/Mar/07 7:55 AM
Hi Gath

Thanks for providing the option to not use the grid format for possibilities, and for doing it so quickly.

14/Mar/07 9:59 AM
At first it was strange but now think it was an improvement for searching out singles in a grid.
14/Mar/07 10:40 AM
Hhhmmm not sure if I was just extremely slow on this puzzle or if the new system made me blinder than usual. I'll keep at it before I decide whether to go back to the old system. Have a great day/night everyone
14/Mar/07 11:12 AM
Hi Everyone,

You can now choose how you want the possibilities to be shown - just tick/untick 'Possibilities in Grid Format'.

Also, I have fixed the bug that existed when you used 'Solve Easy'. Thanks to everyone who reported that.

14/Mar/07 11:24 AM
Thanks Gath. I like my possibilites aligned top left. I do not need (or want) spaces where the possibilities have been eliminated. With the new layout, the fewer possibilities there are (which is the whole objective) the harder they are to see! Which I find unhelpful.
14/Mar/07 12:22 PM
I see you also now have the time and date of posting on the site! That's OK! I like that!
14/Mar/07 12:34 PM
I was going to comment, to say I think the new possibilities will be GOOD for me (when I get used to it), so, please, make it an option, rather than putting it back the way it was.

Been playing these (and the jigsaws, when they're landscapes) for a couple of months now.

Thank you More...
14/Mar/07 12:51 PM
Thanks, Gath, for the choice. On my work computer, with an old monitor, the new way was expanding the puzzle to be too big for the page. Otherwise, I probably could have adjusted.
14/Mar/07 2:07 PM
Gath for all the choices and the chance to continue or discontinue options. You've got a great site that continues to get better. Keep up the good work; we really do appreciate all the neat things you do. (Thanks especially for the time & date)
14/Mar/07 3:08 PM
12.50. Thanks for the options and quick action Gath. Suggest install auto timer. Cheers.
14/Mar/07 3:42 PM
Thanks so much for changing it back to 'normal', Gath. I have enough trouble with the tough puzzles without having to learn a new way of dealing with the possibilities!
14/Mar/07 7:35 PM
Nice picture.
Yes christie u r correct ,the new layout of putting propabilities are looking the gird ugly and also difficult in tracing out the triplets and double numbers.
Today very tough puzzle.
14/Mar/07 8:34 PM
14/Mar/07 10:21 PM
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