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Medium Sudoku for 14/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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3:30 Maen. Not sure if I like the new arrangement of possibilities... I'm used to the old way! I'm sure I'll adapt... and I like how responsive it is now, I can click ahead and it'll catch them all. Nice photo of Stonehenge!
14/Mar/07 12:08 AM
it is stonehenge
14/Mar/07 12:13 AM
Good Maen! Slow time, but wonderful picture! That is one of the places I most want to see in person in my lifetime. Have a great day/night
14/Mar/07 12:19 AM
14/Mar/07 12:20 AM
, Stonehenge!
14/Mar/07 12:24 AM
7:04 - dismal time, but a place of reflection as a reward.
14/Mar/07 12:24 AM
7:22 I kept losing the grid.
A lovely photo of Stonehenge,it's always lovely to see it. I guess this may be one of Ian's photos.
14/Mar/07 12:26 AM
mAen! 3:24. Nice shot of Stonehenge. I visited it in 1986. Looks like it hasn't changes a lot since then :-)
14/Mar/07 12:27 AM
Hello everyone , I think this might be one of Ian/Syd photo's great shot of the mystic stones.
14/Mar/07 12:31 AM
Stonehenge! What an interesting place it is!
14/Mar/07 12:34 AM
Shut off the timer--every time I entered possibilities, the box stretched until the grid was off the page and I had to keep scrolling up and down to complete the puzzle. Not fun for me.
14/Mar/07 12:40 AM
4:03 Maen.
14/Mar/07 12:43 AM
8:20 Hi to all. A wonderful part of history..
14/Mar/07 12:55 AM
Well put, Dan. After reading your comment, I went back and did the puzzle again with Automatically Remove Possibilities checked. Neat.
14/Mar/07 1:09 AM
Girlfriend - I am going to become a Mother..
Boyfriend - What!!!how is that possible..We didn't do anything yet..
Girlfriend - Sorry but I am marrying your father and will be your mother soon...
14/Mar/07 1:25 AM
Nice picture but for getting more knowledge may some friends to tell us more information about this place and its history .Many thanks.
14/Mar/07 1:54 AM
I don't like the new arrangement - You have to scroll up and down too much to change from possibilities to actual because the box ends up too tall.
14/Mar/07 2:19 AM
5:49; doubt if we'll ever learn the thoughts behind this incredible arrangement of rocks, fascinating to think of the possibilities though.
14/Mar/07 2:57 AM
great shot of stonhenge. loved it there. we spent 10 days touring the area, mostly Kent. it was fabulous
14/Mar/07 3:18 AM
A long, long time ago a group of people got together and said. 'Ya know what will really mess with their heads?' 80 today - still no rain.
14/Mar/07 3:34 AM
4:50, As someone said, 'Everybody must get stoned!'
14/Mar/07 3:54 AM
Beautiful shot, I've never been there...
I agree also, about the possibilities arrangements, Gath can you go back to the old way? It's much easier to keep the grid and the numbers on the same page, rather than scrolling down each time-
Enjoy your day/evening everyone!
14/Mar/07 4:16 AM
Ooh ... ''going through the stones'' ... Jamie ... Claire ... Outlander ...
14/Mar/07 4:17 AM
14/Mar/07 4:26 AM
I was a little disappointed with the quality of this photo. The original (chemical) photo was just fine but it has lost something in the scanning process. Nevermind, it is an awesome place. I found myself gazing in wonder at the stones and what they represent. I am no engineer but I cannot More...
14/Mar/07 5:09 AM
Just checking the time
14/Mar/07 5:51 AM
I too dislike the new arrangement. It is annoying to have the box sizes jumping around, and as someone else noted, the text at the bottom gets mixed in with the boxes. I much prefer the old arrangement
14/Mar/07 6:19 AM
Judy, I echo your thoughts...my mind went straight to Claire and Jamie....Welcome to the newbies...hope you stick around and enjoy everthing the site has to offer.
14/Mar/07 6:30 AM
Hi Everyone,

Wow - the new possibilities option is EASILY the most unpopular change ever (well done to me).

Ok, I'll make a change so that it is an option.

PS - for the people that had the 'text boxes jumping around' - what browser were you using?

14/Mar/07 7:25 AM
Good afternoon to all! Always had a fascination with the mystery surrounding Stonehenge since I was a kid. Have never seen it in person, so thanks for the photo Ian!
14/Mar/07 7:30 AM
And I too do not like the new layout for possibilities. The linear arrangement that you had before Gath was much easier to work with. Hint, hint!
14/Mar/07 7:31 AM
Like the pic - whenever I get to Stonehenge on my way home from London, I know I am nearly home :-)
14/Mar/07 7:32 AM
Thanks Greg, the place is really impressive.
14/Mar/07 7:33 AM
There is quite a lot of information on Stonehenge at -
14/Mar/07 7:39 AM
Bill/Texas: The song you are referring to is 'Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35' by Bob Dylan. Beautiful picture of Stonehenge, would love to visit some day. Do not like the new possibilities layout.
14/Mar/07 7:59 AM
Stonehenge....beautiful! Almost 70 degrees today.
Hi Pressley!
14/Mar/07 8:58 AM
Wow, the old place looks the same as it did on a previous visit in 1532. Or was that 1432? Or 432? Or 432 BC? After a few centuries all those past lives begin to blur!!!
14/Mar/07 9:00 AM
forgot to restart the timer after an interruption ....
great photo, very disconcerting the boxes enlarging with possibilites.
14/Mar/07 9:27 AM
Gath, I love the new possibilities grid system. Making it optional for those who don't like it is a good idea.
Ian, how long ago was the photo taken? I didn't think that you could get that close nowadays. Even with a distance lense, the person in front seems fairly close. Did you go to the Avebury Circle? The actual area of the place stunned me.
14/Mar/07 9:36 AM
I agree, as one who relies heavily on possibilities, could it be changed back to the old way. It is very hard to follow, and see your possibilities.
14/Mar/07 10:50 AM
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