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Tough Sudoku for 15/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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too close.
15/Aug/10 12:48 AM
Yikes! I thought they were drift wood!
15/Aug/10 1:01 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 28.
2. If a8=1,a4=8,a6=9;both i46 would become 2.Hence a8=4.UP31.
3. If i2=8,i6=9=c5=a2,c4=5,d4=6=c3=e2,e3=2,c2=4,d2=5,d5=7;row 1 has no place for 78. Hence i4=8.UP81.
15/Aug/10 1:15 AM
YIKES is right, Judy!
15/Aug/10 1:41 AM
1.UP=32 (some XWings)
2 coloring 5:h1=g12-g6=ef6-d45=d12 => ef1<>5; UP=81.
15/Aug/10 2:08 AM
Alfred: quite a honking long UP chain there! G'Day.
15/Aug/10 2:10 AM
note: before Alfred questions my sanity, the XWings are (8)ai24 and (9)ai26. producing HP(89)ai2.
15/Aug/10 2:29 AM
good maen to you all from Portland, Oregon.

Not the beach for me!
15/Aug/10 3:50 AM
No swimming here!

I spotted the Xwings described by farpointer (together with the loop on ai46 => (89)ai2), but I was never even close to spotting that coloring. Instead I used the loop


to do a bunch of eliminations (e.g. lock 6 into b56). More...
15/Aug/10 4:29 AM
Some of the crocodiles ARE driftwood, and some of the pieces of driftwood ARE crocodiles. That's why crocodiles are so damned dangerous. You try to make a campfire out of one of them, and the next thing you know you're being eaten! That can really take the fun out of a picnic!
15/Aug/10 7:00 AM
Where DO you have your picnics, Dan??
15/Aug/10 7:32 AM
15/Aug/10 7:57 AM
farpointer, I agree my chain is a bit long. But I can't see the next UP after you show ef1<>5.
15/Aug/10 8:23 AM
not your day Alfred - creates NP(78)ef1 - surely I don't have to enumerate basic techniques to an old pro - wasn't it you who said something about an elephant? You're so intent on proving me wrong, you miss the obvious.
15/Aug/10 8:42 AM
ironic that the short 3 set coloring chain finds THE place for (78) in row 1 where your 12 set'chain' triumphantly asserts NO place for (78) in row 1.
15/Aug/10 8:47 AM
Slow today, 42:25. Hi everyone.
15/Aug/10 9:33 AM
Thanks farpointer. I missed the 78 pair. BTW, I may be old, but far from a pro.
Speaking of pros, a psychic friend communicated with Mr Kraken (on the other side). Mr Kraken thought your proof the other day could be called "Kraken 2.5", because one of the possibilities gave a 50/50 More...
15/Aug/10 10:47 AM
11:35 What, no flowers this time?
15/Aug/10 2:34 PM
Hi LtDan,
Maybe it just moves the picnic fun from the people to the crocs. Best regards, Neil
15/Aug/10 5:50 PM
Hi farpointer, Brilliant colouring find - thanks for the lesson. Best regards, Neil
15/Aug/10 5:59 PM
15/Aug/10 11:49 PM

10/Sep/10 11:17 PM
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