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Tough Sudoku for 16/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11:32 (~3:17 for setup.. the rest to solve)
Well look at that! 18:30 It all came together so well that I wonder if I made a mistake!! No guesses required. Will I have to eat my words? Time for bed.
7:53 no guesses. must be the sudoku gods working with me today?
16:19 - good for me! gb, just out of interest - what do you do for a living?
15:47 messed up a wee bit in the middle,but got there in the end
All the 1's and 2's fell into place - then i had to guess - still 19.28
13:12 Sometimes I surprise myself. But I still can't get close to the good players like Lisa from Toronto, I'll just have to keep trying
Okay, something very strange is going on today...did anyone else breeze through this one like an easy level? Seriously, these ones usually take me time and a lot of brain twisting! I don't get it...
25:41 - must be one of those super easy ones, cuz I goofed in the middle and had to take another look at a couple boxes and columns and it still took less time than usual. Best wishes, lisa (toronto), hope it's today or tomorrow!
my system is working just fine....
Agree with jh. Grid highly easy!
Who stated as tough?
Cloudy and rainy, here in the middle
of Mediterranean Sea!
All the best
Probably the first Tough I've done without having to resort to guessing at some point, maybe one of the easier toughies - still feel depressed about times without timing them though!
Yup, too easy, must have been a mixup.
15:37 must have been the disguise nice calming after the conspiracy theory need to relax and you Lisa till tomorrow then all systems go!!
Awwwww - all these comments on how easy this one was (relatively speaking). Guess that shatters any illusions I had of finally becoming a sudoku master... Ah well - it was a sweet thought, if short-lived.
Jen, I agree with you - very easy today for a tough - lots of times I avoid them but today only 8:12.
In gb speak 19->81
andre - Have you been drinking?
Hi Jimmy Edinburgh, no wish i had earlier if you read my other posts on easy/med/hard came on the site at 3ish and then everytime i tried to post a comment it was blocked kept saying database error try later, after 45 mins of trying i got through on sons computer however looking at my posting 'one' could possibly conceed to first signs of madness and/or alcholism
i had the same problem with 'database errors' about a week ago. took about 8 hours to disappear. andre, are you still in disguise? can't believe we've had two 19->81 types in a week! bob from Illinois - where in IL?
this one does not belong to the tough category.straightforward.
Fi from Nt.. Only the 2nd Toughie this month NOT to need guesses.. (unless they're a geek or a fibber !)
Agreed - very easy with no guesses - all the 1s and 2s just fell straight in - lets have some more pics folks!
Now that was fun! I haven't tried a tough one in months, but because y'all said it was easy, I DID IT! Thanks! Now I am going to go light a pumpkin candle after seeing the picture. mmmmm
out of disguise now jh puzzle was definitely easier today what time is it with you now? here it's 21.20 so not too late. Hi to Crystal and Mike from Manchester - lived not far(well far enough) in Oswaldtwistle - the land of Sir Robert Peel
Hi JH - Chicago burbs (Westmont).
andre - how old are you?

The 1s and 2s. THought it would all be so easy. THen I had to think
8:18 - Lisa: No baby yet?
Brittany - NZ over 40, well lots over 40, well few years under 50, god should i have been committed a long time ago, are you a nurse?? How old are you?
11:00 on the dot! Wow, that was a piece of cake.
11:21...Not to shabby, now I think I will go scrapbooking while the little one is napping. Anyone else do scrapbooking?...yet another addiction of mine. Cheers to you all.
andre: it's 17:08 here. did u say you were flying to brazil????
jh, no, part of the Ted conversation yesterday on how we need to catch up with work so i recommended flying to different time zones to make up some hours - i will be committed shortly. i must go now as have made several comments today and have strayed into computer room too much and i have a really good book i need to read, night night
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