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Tough Sudoku for 16/October/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi Everyone,

It's time for another Baby Competition!

Theres a supporting membership up for grabs, so make sure you enter the Baby More...
15/Oct/07 5:20 PM
Neat photo.
16/Oct/07 12:47 AM
Seahorses! I have all sorts of them of all kinds of materials! No live ones or ones that were ever alive!
16/Oct/07 12:51 AM
Have a great day, everyone.
16/Oct/07 1:36 AM
Hi everyone.
Lovely picture and colors.
Good mAen to all.
16/Oct/07 1:52 AM
My kind of puzzle (not so "tough"), made me think, but I could solve it without guessing (unlike yesterday, when I made numerous guesses). My reward, a great photo with striking colors.

16/Oct/07 2:13 AM
16:06 - Fairly easy today. I love the seahorse photo. Good job! Happy Columbus Day to everyone in the US!

In fourteen hundred and ninety two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
He sailed and sailed and sailed and sailed,
to find this land for me-e and you!

Am I showing my age and my level of sanity???
16/Oct/07 2:35 AM
I sure have shown my level of sanity!!! Columbus Day was last Monday!!!! Joke's on me!
16/Oct/07 2:51 AM
15:02 easier today than most recent ones...
16/Oct/07 4:53 AM
Jean, wasn't Columbus Day last Monday?
16/Oct/07 4:54 AM
Great photo! KarenK - sounds like a nice collection.
16/Oct/07 6:31 AM
Good fun, Jean. Can you change it to 1770 & Captain Cook, cause then I'd be able to sing it too!
Pretty seahorse!
16/Oct/07 7:08 AM
Man from Uncle: Yes, Columbus Day was last Monday. I already admitted my mistake - did you have to rub it in???

Kate - especially for you:

In seventeen hundred and seventy,
Cap'n Cook sailed the rolling sea.
He sailed and sailed and sailed and sailed,
Until he landed in Sy-den-ey!
16/Oct/07 7:45 AM
Good afternoon to all! Must be tough trying to saddle those horses.
16/Oct/07 8:05 AM
Some trivia for you...research on seahorses carried out in Australia about a year ago found out that not only do seahorses "play around" but a great proportion of them are bisexual as well. Shock, horror!! You just never know, do you?
16/Oct/07 8:42 AM
Cool photo of an Australian - Leafy Seadragon.
It is from the same family as a sea horse and is only found in the waters off South Australia & southern West Australia
16/Oct/07 9:51 AM
That's really TMI, Tree Sheila! LOL
16/Oct/07 11:33 AM
I thought Columbus Day was Octobet 12th, celebrated the second Monday in October?
16/Oct/07 12:57 PM
October 12th
16/Oct/07 12:58 PM
12:14 Thank you, Bruce. It didn't look like any seahorse I'd seen over here. The only ones I'm familiar with swim upright and have an S-shaped body.
16/Oct/07 1:32 PM
Hey you all..just a quick peep and what I find here!..my picture..I really loved snapping them, tho it was tough for they never remained still for a sec..you got to see them in person to believe the colors..I wonder if my picture done enuf justice for those colors!
ok another five days to go before the festival comes to an end..till then so long
16/Oct/07 4:41 PM
9.05 Great photo appy.
Good one Jean!!! rofl
16/Oct/07 5:18 PM
05/Nov/07 10:20 AM

07/Sep/10 9:31 PM
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