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Tough Sudoku for 16/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree,
How vivid gold your branches.
Such brilliant light; Without a doubt,
You still will shine if power's out.
Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree,
How vivid gold your branches.
16/Nov/10 12:38 AM
Perfect, Plum!
16/Nov/10 12:39 AM
They should all be coming out in bloom soon. They make a very colourful sight along the road sides or in the paddocks.
16/Nov/10 12:41 AM

Good Luck!
16/Nov/10 1:07 AM
16/Nov/10 1:21 AM
f9=2 is a back door to UP=81.
16/Nov/10 1:43 AM
Gesundheit, Vici!
16/Nov/10 2:10 AM
Pretty - I wonder if they affect people like broom does? Another beautiful tree with Yellow Blossoms is the Tipuana.
16/Nov/10 4:52 AM
no chains, no kraken after first few eliminations. Too tough.
16/Nov/10 5:57 AM
I have seen quite a few in bloom in the last couple of weeks, with many more not far from flowering.
16/Nov/10 11:18 AM
This puzzle really was tough. Great picture as a reward for doing it - like a gold medal.
16/Nov/10 2:07 PM

Only a few eliminations:
17/Nov/10 2:00 AM
Wow. Well over 2 hours to solve this one.
13/Dec/10 3:23 AM
#00. SST; UP25

#01. W Wing : (9=5)b5-5d5=5d8-(5=9)f8 => -9f5
#02. YW S : 7d4=(7-5)f6=(5-8)a6=8abc4 => -8d4
#02+. 7d4=(7-5)f6=5a6-(13)a6c5=1ac4 => -1d4

#03. 8-SIS AAIC : 2*f5=AIC[(61=7)i38-Empty Rectangle(7id4 7d12f3)=(7-2*)f2=(2*-8)f9=(8-1)a9=1c8 => NP(61)i38=1c6 More...
09/Feb/11 4:19 AM
Notes : Forbidding Matrices for the steps #03, #06, #07 and #08

Recall : A Forbidding Matrix is the sound basis of all the different ways to justify an elimination, especially in tricky cases. As a notation, it is the easiest and the simplest one (to write down and to read)!

09/Feb/11 4:21 AM
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