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Tough Sudoku for 18/January/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Beautiful! Calm there. Notice the sail reflections.
18/Jan/13 12:31 AM
Imagine if you will that we went to another inhabited planet and saw a scene like this. Should we make contact? Suppose people from another planet came to earth and looked down and saw something like this. Just perhaps they would decide not to make contact with us for our own good. Or maybe they looked down and saw a war going on and decided not to make contact for their own good. Either way.
18/Jan/13 12:42 AM
#1. UP27;cf5=14;UP32;b56=3;UP44;Skyscraper(6f24 6h26):=> f4=6; UP81
18/Jan/13 1:00 AM
1. Note f89/i9=57.Unique possibilities to 27.
2. Whether b3=3,a5/b6=36;OR c3=3,c9=4;b4=4.UP45.
3. h7=8(to avoid the 39 deadly pattern at a79/e89/h78).UP81.
18/Jan/13 1:11 AM
28 (57)fi9=>i9<>4
29 (14)cf6=>c6<>6
33 (39)a79=>a9<>8 (57)fi9=>i9<>8
34 (39)a79=>a9<>4
45 (57)fi9=>i9<>9=>h78=9=>h5<>9
46 (8)gh7&gh6=>h1<>8
47 More...
18/Jan/13 6:51 AM
Hi Alfred. UP 46
Cheers Les
18/Jan/13 6:53 AM
Hi Les, both you and JC make cf6=14. But I can't see it again. Can you enlighten me.
Regards, Alfred.
18/Jan/13 8:42 AM
re DotCom: Huh?
18/Jan/13 8:47 AM
Interesting question, DotCom.
18/Jan/13 12:16 PM
Very deep today Dotcom.
Glorious blues!!
18/Jan/13 2:00 PM
Hi alfred.

Does the high temperatures (~46°C) in Sidney have consequences on the puzzle solving ? :D

From the hidden single c4=7 : 7c4-(7=1)g4-1gh6=NT(268)dgh6-(26=14)cf6-6c6=(6-2)c8=2b8 ...

Best Regards, JC.
18/Jan/13 11:53 PM
Thanks JC, that sounds like a good excuse, but probably more like a senior's moment.
Best Regards, Alfred.
19/Jan/13 6:11 AM
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