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Tough Sudoku for 23/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Looks like little orchids!
23/Nov/09 12:25 AM
23/Nov/09 2:41 AM
23/Nov/09 2:52 AM
Looks like a sweet little fellow called hardenbergia which I have in our back garden.
23/Nov/09 3:55 PM
My hardenbergia died this spring. Hardy though it is, the long dry spell was too much for it.
23/Nov/09 4:18 PM
Cold and rainy here in NJ this afternoon.

This flower looks similiar to the bluebonnet, Texas state flower. But if I remeber correctly, it had four petals.
24/Nov/09 8:38 AM

A long path,but interesting one.

1)Start at 23,basic techniques to UP=28
3)(1)i3=i8-b8=(1-2)b7=b6-f6=f3-e2= (2)h2,=>h2<>1
26/Nov/09 6:24 AM
Sorry, I missed one step.After step 8:
also typo: step 8:=>ghi3<>6
27/Nov/09 7:26 AM
Short path, lo-o-o-ng chain. Since Sotir has posted I’ll give up trying to find a faster and/or cuter way of proving b7=2.

1. Given 23. Printed UPs to 25, SSTs to 28.

2. b6=2 or b7=2. If b6=2 (b578=178 and b23=36), e4=2, f3=2, h2=2, d4=3, d5=5, c2=9, e3=9, d3=7, d9=1, h9=3, More...
28/Nov/09 6:57 AM

10/Sep/10 7:32 AM
1.SST to UP28
2.(9=6)c2-b23=(6-2)b6=c4-e4=e2 > -9e2 UP29
3.(6)g1=df1-(6=137)d239-(3)d4=(3-2)e4=(2-6)c4=bc6 > -6g6
4.(8=5)a7-c7=(5-6)c6=c3-(6=38)b23 > -8c3b78, aur(58)ac67, -58c6
5.(7)g8=(17')b78-(2)b7=g7 > -7g7 UP42
6.(7=2)c9-(2=138)h579-(8=7)b5 > -7b7, YW(814)ch5g6, -4c6 UP81
13/Feb/11 7:11 AM
typo: should be -8a3 in step 4.
13/Feb/11 7:23 AM
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