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Tough Sudoku for 23/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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What a dramatic looking sky, Wagdy. Lovely photo.
23/Mar/07 12:06 AM
23/Mar/07 12:52 AM
23/Mar/07 1:05 AM
One of my photos of the vgreat Pyramid in a cloudy weather which give a special atmosphere to the Pyramids.

Have a nice mAen to everyone.
23/Mar/07 1:23 AM
23/Mar/07 1:26 AM
22:25 although with interruptions. Anyone got any ideas on getting 10 year-old worriers to relax and go to sleep? 11:30 and she's still up & down like a yo-yo!
Nice sunset Wagdy.
23/Mar/07 1:28 AM
Well done, Wagdy. I did the photo as a jigsaw, which would be challenging if someone was colourblind. Ominous sky here today, with occasional bursts of rain. Definitely a day to snuggle up indoors.
23/Mar/07 1:35 AM
Jeez, I don't even know what to say. After the naked pairs and triples, the puzzle fell apart. There wasn't any actual solving involved. I thought I was doing the wrong puzzle. Happy spring everybody
23/Mar/07 1:44 AM
Wagdy - Great Picture. It has been so much fun to see the different pictures of the Pyramids. Thank you!

to all.
23/Mar/07 2:12 AM
33:03 Maen! Slow, but another fine picture of Egypt is my reward! :)
23/Mar/07 2:23 AM
No guesses. Love the picture.
23/Mar/07 2:33 AM
PJ from perth, just tell her how much you love and care about her and ask what her problem is. Tell her what would keep you awake at night when you were young, and make her laugh.
23/Mar/07 3:43 AM
Too easy for tough, no extra special solving techniques, kind of a letdown. I really do look forward to getting a headache from the daily tough puzzles.
23/Mar/07 3:50 AM
Dramatic photo, Wagdy. How close do you live to the pyramids?

PJ, what is she worrying about? I suppose you've tried snuggling/reading, prayers (if you're so inclined). Sometimes children just go through stages. I taught middle school; lots of changes with girls that age.
23/Mar/07 4:22 AM
Wagdy: love the picture. we visited the pyramids in Mexico City. loved them. hope to see the Egyptian pyramids too. was the equinox a special day at the pyramids? (as is at Mexico City pyramids? big celebration)
23/Mar/07 4:37 AM
Iam very glad to submit another group of my own pictures ,of another parts of Egypt, hope to meet with your interest.
Have a nice maEn to all friends.
23/Mar/07 4:43 AM
Hi Sandra
My information is that there are a huge group of people come every year in fixed date to do their big calibration around the Pyramids ,May be you are correct.
23/Mar/07 4:51 AM
This is indeed a dramatic photo. Thx to Wagdy for sharing his photos of Egypt. I look forward to seeing more of them.
23/Mar/07 5:04 AM
forgot the time! Hi to all. Thankyou Wagdy lovely to see them at different times.
23/Mar/07 5:35 AM
23/Mar/07 6:26 AM
You take some nice photos Wagdy. Thank you for sharing them.
23/Mar/07 7:36 AM
Fairly easy today:
Possible path: UP 27=> naked pair59 => UP 39 Locked 2s => UP 43 => Locked 9s and a Y Wing => done.
23/Mar/07 7:46 AM
I've been there once sometime ago. Love them
23/Mar/07 11:37 AM
Another great jigsaw!
23/Mar/07 12:51 PM
a neat one..both the puzzle and the resultant pic..enjoy such types..
23/Mar/07 2:33 PM
Wow! Wadgy! Great to see a dramatically different shot of the pyramids.
23/Mar/07 3:57 PM
Lovely photo Wagdy, hope to see these for myself one day.
23/Mar/07 4:02 PM
Hi Camy.
Many thanks for your and all friends kindly and interest words about Egypt and my photos.
Re your quistion I live in a new area of Cairo(Nasr City) and the 'Pyramid 'in Giza (an area of great Cairo) about 17 miles far from my home.
Thanks for your interest.
23/Mar/07 7:21 PM
Thanks Mark and Cami for your suggestions. She did eventually go to sleep. I wish it were a phase - this one has been fighting sleep since the day she was born!
Ian - that is not an Australian insignia on your avatar is it?
23/Mar/07 9:04 PM
PJ yes it is (or was, I have just changed it to a koala). It is the insignia of my old squadron, a rampant stallion.
23/Mar/07 9:24 PM
The level of photography is quite impressive
23/Mar/07 10:43 PM
I'm a relative 'newby'& this is the first time I've completed the 'tough' puzzle! It was worth persevering to be rewarded with such a beautiful picture.
25/Mar/07 1:54 AM
26/Mar/07 11:18 AM
A good one.
31/May/07 5:18 AM

06/Sep/10 10:49 PM
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