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Medium Sudoku for 23/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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23/Mar/07 12:19 AM
7:07 <- not much sleep last night :(

A good job getting the whiskers (relatively) sharply into focus.
23/Mar/07 12:40 AM
6:41 Tommy is a delightful kitten and I'm sure he's a wonderful companion. Two of mine woke me very early this morning with non-stop whining--when it's windy outside, they go crazy. This insomniac wasn't amused.
23/Mar/07 12:41 AM
23/Mar/07 12:54 AM
Is he boxing? Or just playing with your buttons? In the 70's again today and very windy, 20+.
23/Mar/07 1:35 AM
Hi Tommy.
It is your nice picture but why you are 'Fuzzy'
23/Mar/07 1:51 AM
8:39 Hi to all. A sweet kitten..
Wagdy he probably hasn't had his caffeine yet well I know my brain is 'fuzzy' when I haven't!
23/Mar/07 2:04 AM
23/Mar/07 2:30 AM
10:00; whenever I do well on easy(1:34), my medium is a mess, and I do much better on Hard, let's see if the pattern holds true.
23/Mar/07 3:50 AM
Good Maen 6:42 Looks like he trying to do a self portrait.
23/Mar/07 4:13 AM
23/Mar/07 4:28 AM
11:01. Good grief I am slow today.
23/Mar/07 4:58 AM
Would someone explain to me why I am disappointed when there is a photo of someone's pet behind the solved puzzle???
23/Mar/07 5:05 AM
9.00 too much wine at lunch...so slow
23/Mar/07 5:56 AM
Looks like Tommy has a rather large left foreleg!

Balmy (50's) here today, and the snow is melting, though not enough for my snowdrops to be visible. It does feel like spring though.
23/Mar/07 8:36 AM
he has his eyes on something to play with
23/Mar/07 9:35 AM
Haven't tried this for a long time, but it's my birthday so I took in a guilty pleasure. Good mAen all.
23/Mar/07 9:38 AM
23/Mar/07 11:01 AM
I think Tommy took his own photo. LOL
23/Mar/07 2:46 PM
23/Mar/07 6:53 PM
6 a.m. here. Should be getting ready for work but I think I will move onto the hard. There will be no students in school today so it should be a quiet day.
23/Mar/07 8:47 PM
Tommy looks delightfully playful
23/Mar/07 8:59 PM
mean all- slow today- too much driving, my pet canary died and hampster ran away.
23/Mar/07 10:45 PM
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