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Tough Sudoku for 24/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Love the spiral-painted lighthouses.
24/Aug/10 12:10 AM
9 XY-Wing(fi8-h9)=>de9<>9
23 UR (hi57)=>i7=6 UP=81
24/Aug/10 12:43 AM
Lighthouses and their optics are interesting.

24/Aug/10 1:02 AM
YWS: (9)a8=(9-6)f8=e7-(6=9)e4,=>a4<>9.UP=81
24/Aug/10 1:10 AM
1. Note pairs 47 at h26;48 at i36.Unique possibilities to 43.
2. If i8=6,h7=9 (to avoid the 23 unresolvable rectangle at hi57),pair 49 at ab8;and row 8 is devoid of 2. So i8=2. UP81.
24/Aug/10 1:10 AM
It is pretty tough though Shiela in getting enough people together to spin those babies while trying to stay within the lines.
24/Aug/10 1:23 AM

Alfred, after UP=43,you missed hp(45)f19,=>f3=7...UP=56
24/Aug/10 1:34 AM
8:10 Maen! Should have been a little quicker on this one, just a glorified "Hard" today.
24/Aug/10 1:37 AM
24/Aug/10 1:43 AM
Alfred: If you want to snipe or gripe (I don't mind at all) please make sure your aim is accurate - else I will start looking the other way. On yesterdays tough - e6=8 is not an elephant, it is a deduction. e6=8 is weak with all three endpoints of the kraken and thus produces impossible no value in cell state. Also, and I wasted my time verifying this, it is pure UP to 81 after e6<>8.
24/Aug/10 2:24 AM
A barber shop for sailors?
24/Aug/10 2:51 AM
sudoku.org.uk #205, August 22 to August 28:
Extreme Sudoku Puzzle
Xwing (2)be15=>d5,acd1<>2
(9=5)c5-(5=6)d5-(6=4)h5-(4=6)h6-(6=4)c6-(4=235)a6b45-(5=9)c5=>c2< ;>9.
Comments and criticisms always welcome.
24/Aug/10 3:45 AM
16 minutes
I: single-house techniques to UP=56.
II: Ywing to eliminate 9 from d9 => UP=61
III: coloring eliminating 9 from e4 => UP=81
24/Aug/10 4:03 AM
Victorian lasers.
24/Aug/10 4:04 AM
re: sudoku.org.uk #205,
I should have used the shorter sequence

24/Aug/10 4:15 AM
15:49, should have been quicker - this was an easy one.
24/Aug/10 7:04 AM
Thanks Sotir. Luckily, the AUR worked at UP43 too.
24/Aug/10 9:29 AM
24/Aug/10 9:53 AM
I love lighthouses, they're always in such fantastic places!!
24/Aug/10 3:47 PM

10/Sep/10 11:20 PM
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