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Tough Sudoku for 26/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A CAT!!! I see a cat.
26/Oct/09 1:11 AM
I think it looks more like a seal pup's face.
26/Oct/09 1:27 AM
ET, phone home!
26/Oct/09 6:28 AM
Definitely a seal!
26/Oct/09 6:41 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 24.
2. If e7=8=h4,i4=2,f4=4;column e is devoid of 4.So e3=8.UP31.
3. If h4=8,i4=2,f4=4,e5=5=d3,c3=2,c4=3=f7;23 have no place in top left box.Hence h7=8.UP39.
4. If f4=3,c4=8.Also,f4=4,e5=5=d3,c3=2=a9=g8,f7=3=i3=g9=c8 makes c4=8.UP81.
26/Oct/09 6:47 AM
I think these wood worms are great artists.
26/Oct/09 9:16 AM
>> 1 hr
26/Oct/09 1:19 PM
I'll throw my lot in with the seal!! Interesting shot Kate!!
26/Oct/09 2:14 PM
1) Start at 22,=>UP=24
2) (4)e7=e5-f4=(4-2)i4=(2-8)h4=(8)h7,=>e7<>8.UP=31
3) (4)g1=g5-i4=(4-3)f4=d6-d3=(3)i3,=>i3<>4
4) (246=5)abc3-d3=e2-(5=6)h2,=>hi3<>6
5) (2)a9=a1-(2=5)c3-(5=3)d3-d6=a6-(3=8)c4-c1=(8)a1,=>a1<>2.UP=37
6) (3): f4=f7-e8=c8,=>c4<>3.UP=81
26/Oct/09 4:42 PM
27/Oct/09 7:40 AM
31/Oct/09 10:51 PM

10/Sep/10 7:18 AM
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