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Tough Sudoku for 26/April/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A gaggle of Galahs!
26/Apr/10 12:33 AM
Oo-o-o-o-h! I want some!
26/Apr/10 1:04 AM
Yes, Vici, I was thinking 'flock' but a 'gaggle' seems a better fit!
26/Apr/10 3:46 AM
maen all! gaggles are strictly for geese...i think parrots are colonies...if these are a type of parrot in the pic...they roost like parrots.
26/Apr/10 4:58 AM
I stilll like the sound of "a Gaggle of Galahs"!
26/Apr/10 6:10 AM
Rather long, but the best I could find:

01. Basic techniques to UP = 29
02. (5=3)d7 - (3)a7 = (3-9)a9 = (9)h9 - (9=5)g8 => d8, h7 <> 5 ; UP = 30
03. (6=4)d8 - (4)d5 = (4-7)f5 = (7)f8 => f8 <> 6 ; UP = 31
04. Finned X-wing (7): abc4 = e4 - e7 = a7 => More...
26/Apr/10 7:11 AM
Looks like Rose Crested Cockatoos to me. I found this puzzle especially difficult.
26/Apr/10 8:08 AM
That's over an hour of my life I won't get back. I did this with basic techniques only (UPs + chains) and it didn't give up easily!
26/Apr/10 9:48 AM

Stuck at 17:16 & 28 still unfilled squares I gave up to go mow my lawn. If Chris took over an hour, I think it was a good decision because I probably would have stayed stuck.
26/Apr/10 10:02 AM
way over 1 hour; probably 2 hours :(
26/Apr/10 10:40 AM
Yes Chris: but it was time well wasted
26/Apr/10 11:37 AM
Hi rwm. Very impressive solution. Especially steps 5 and 6. I got stuck at your step 8. After
h4<>6, you say this enables e4=6,but can't a4 still be 6 as well?
Regards, Alfred.
26/Apr/10 4:14 PM
Sorry I neglected to check back on this page. Yes, you're quite right. I switched the order of two steps when I wrote it up, thinking it didn't matter, but, as you accurately observed, it does. My original step 9 does not depend on the result of step 8 so it should be interchanged More...
27/Apr/10 1:05 PM
According to

Its a Company or Flock

They don't have a specific collective noun for Galah, given that when you call someone a Galah you mean they are acting silly / stupid / noisy maybe there should be a specific one
27/Apr/10 1:37 PM
Oh, there's lots of patience(stubborness?)out here, rwm! I'm looking forward to analyzing your Apr 9 solution, too.

29/Apr/10 1:08 PM
Hi again, rwm. I've gotten stalled on your new step 9 (was 8). I still have 37 in a5. The 37 was/could be eliminated during the now step 8 (was 9) when/if c8=8, a789=379, but that is not a final result of the step. Is there something else I don't see?

(a9<>8 is a permanent result of step 8, btw, fwiw.)


30/Apr/10 12:25 AM
Thanks, rwm. Yes (duh) I see it now. Thanks.

30/Apr/10 10:38 PM
59:51 in order
25/May/10 2:08 AM

1)Start at 23,basic techniques to UP=29

5)(5)h2=(5-4)h8=(4-7)f8=(7-5)e7=(5)e1,=>d2 More...
29/May/10 11:36 PM

10/Sep/10 9:24 PM
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