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Tough Sudoku for 27/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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no guesses for this pic
Maen all
27/Dec/07 12:38 AM
27/Dec/07 1:59 AM
i guess havana
27/Dec/07 3:20 AM

Ron, interesting guess. Is it due to a slight air of unkemptness?

I have fond memories of several visits to Edinburgh in the mid-70s. Has it changed much in 30 years?
27/Dec/07 4:23 AM
Good maen to all of you.
27/Dec/07 7:52 AM
27/Dec/07 6:26 PM
The evil statues that turn to stone when you look at them ;-)
27/Dec/07 8:29 PM
No Needs for guesses!!! ,It is Sakakini Palace in Cairo City, Hope it meets your interest ,however It is repeated.
Nice time to all of You.
27/Dec/07 10:19 PM
I'd never have guessed Egypt!
28/Dec/07 1:24 AM
12/Jun/08 5:34 AM

07/Sep/10 10:31 PM
1.SST to UP=25
2.loop (6=139)g239-(138=6)cgi1-c789=ab9 => c9<>6, g148d1<>1
3.(2=1)f9-(1=6)g9-(6=4)g4-(4=12)g49 => g49=2
4.(3=1)f3-f9=g9-g23=i1-(*38)gi1=(3)b1 => ab3<>3
5.loop (7=2)c9-f9=(2-4)f4=(4-6)g4=(6-2)h5=(2-7)h2=c2
=> h5=26, f4=24, i4de5<>2, More...
30/Nov/10 11:48 AM
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