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Tough Sudoku for 28/March/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I was walking along the cycle path with my grandchildren when I took this photo. I was on the residential side of the town. It's not really quite as stark at it looks.
28/Mar/07 12:06 AM
Nice pictur ANNE but looks like very quite area as I thought before You told us it isn't.
28/Mar/07 12:37 AM
Wagdy, it's where my daughter lives, both of them were living there at Christmas time with their families. It's only a small mining town. They don't actually mine there but ship the iron ore out from there. The mining is further inland. They actually have a very busy social life up there and there is a fairly big school just out of the photo and a big swimming pool and other sporting facilities.
28/Mar/07 12:44 AM
(time omitted -- ouch!) Maen! Turned off the timer to pause, then didn't turn it back on. Would have been mid-30's, so you're not missing much :)
28/Mar/07 1:39 AM
Have a wonderful day/night, everyone.
28/Mar/07 1:50 AM
The colour of this landscape is a bit brighter than that on the Canadian prairies, but the flatness and scarcity of trees is very similar, esp of the southern prairies.
28/Mar/07 2:00 AM
Nice picture. It looks like the soil is very red. Does it have clay in it?
28/Mar/07 2:11 AM
48 minutes
28/Mar/07 3:09 AM
Another nice photo Anne. I think it gives the viewer a really good idea of the countryside in NW Western Australia. Your series of Wickham photos are terrific.
28/Mar/07 5:23 AM
It reminds me of Eastern Oregon, where my brother has a mine, except for the color of the sand.
28/Mar/07 5:34 AM
I thnik the soil is so red because it contain .. elements of iron
28/Mar/07 6:23 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another good photo Anne. It does look a little bleak in terms of local vegetation. Your other photos from Wickham prove this comment to be wrong however.
28/Mar/07 6:59 AM
Dan from Puyallup...... for instructions on how to use the timer properly see Steve's blog... tsk tsk
28/Mar/07 8:24 AM
28/Mar/07 8:40 AM
No abandoned vehicles in Wickham? Or cats or dogs either?
28/Mar/07 9:30 AM
Julie - there are quite a few abandoned cars around Wickham. The locals drive them around off the road until they either run out of petrol or just break down, then they leave them there.
28/Mar/07 9:48 AM
11:45 I want to see the out back very badly. I look the color of the soil. Does it grow flowers well?
28/Mar/07 10:44 AM
Hello Naomi - Western Australia is quite unique for it's wild flowers and there are special coach tours every spring that visit areas that are abundant with them. We have some very unusual wild flowers and different areas have different types.
28/Mar/07 11:21 AM
28/Mar/07 11:41 AM
Gath! Where is the picture archive? I am used to doing a couple of jigsaws every lunchtime! I choose the nicest or toughest pictures as I feel like. I don't want a mystery jigsaw - and I don't necessarily just do today's pictures!
28/Mar/07 11:43 AM
Great true to Australia photo Anne, a lot of us don't appreciate the beauty of our different landscapes.
28/Mar/07 12:57 PM
28/Mar/07 2:25 PM
9:11 Not too bad a time. I've always found the colours of Australia to be awe-inspiring. Love the photo, Anne.
28/Mar/07 4:37 PM
good one..whichever i am able to finish is always good :)..er time?what time?i never look at it when doing the tough..
28/Mar/07 5:31 PM
Nice Picture.Good Place for walking.Good place to take rest as per the back side view.The soil is good for croping.
28/Mar/07 6:31 PM
me to never look at the time but was shorter than the HARD one
28/Mar/07 8:05 PM
Looks to me that that tree is out walking. Do the trees talk there too?:)
29/Mar/07 3:57 PM
Proof for tough Sudoku of Mar 28:
1) start at 23 filled, the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to (UP) 27.
2) locked 7's at i12, forbid g13=7. UP 28.
3) hidden pair 35 at e13, forbids e1=8, e3=2, e678=35. UP 30.
4) h9=5 == h9=1 -- h2=1 == h2=6 -- a2=6 == a9=6 -- a9=5 == gh9=5, forbids More...
01/Apr/07 3:01 AM
Took some time. Missed a link somewhere.
01/Jun/07 8:42 AM
Jan. 3, 2008.
04/Jan/08 4:07 AM

06/Sep/10 10:51 PM
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