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Hard Sudoku for 28/March/2007


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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4:36 Maen. Mmmm... tomaters!! ;)
28/Mar/07 12:14 AM
It is a very good idea to have such plants in your backyard.I like it but as we in a town builgings ,We haven't that chance .

Very interest picture.
28/Mar/07 12:31 AM
My 4 year old loves tomatoes!!!
28/Mar/07 12:51 AM
15:34 timed but over a half hour with pauses, waking my daughter for school, etc. good Maen
28/Mar/07 12:58 AM
10:51 I love grape tomatoes tossed in olive oil, sprinkled with Italian seasoning and roasted in the oven or stir-fried. They're the only tomatoes I'll eat.
28/Mar/07 1:29 AM
Have one just like this in our back yard next to a coconut palm. A Volunteer.
28/Mar/07 1:42 AM
28/Mar/07 1:45 AM

Were the tomatoes an unexpected visitor? I had an unexpected sunflower pop up in my garden last year -- not too surprising, since in the middle of the garden there is a pole with a hanging bird feeder, filled with black oil sunflower seed.
Perhaps this grape tomato vine was the result of compost containing grape tomato seeds. Always fun when that happens.
28/Mar/07 1:52 AM
We are a long way from tomatoes. We had several inches of snow last night. I do, however, have tomato seeds sown in pots, inside, in anticipation of planting them when the weather is warm. There is nothing quite like a tomato fresh from the garden!
28/Mar/07 1:57 AM
Those look good to eat & suggest warmer climes and times. And Cathy from southern Ontario has the perfect recipe too.
28/Mar/07 1:57 AM
Emmmmm Yummy! They look delicious!
28/Mar/07 2:04 AM
If you have a balcony or a patio, you could try growing a few veggies in containers. Our niece lives in a townhouse without a yard (only a patio) and has grown tomatoes, lettuce, etc. in different sized pots. Just a suggestion.
28/Mar/07 2:13 AM
6:41; the tomatoes look great. The green ones look like gooseberries.
28/Mar/07 2:40 AM
28/Mar/07 3:07 AM
maen all! our hot house is in full swing. tomato(4 types), hot pepper(6 types), squash(4 types), peas are up, should be eating radishes next week. leaf lettuce and radichio are ready. had first salad last weekend.
28/Mar/07 3:59 AM
As Becky suggests pot-grown tomato plants or strawberries work fine on a balcony, patio or even a sunny window ledge. What am I saying? Is there anything but 'sunny' in Egypt?
28/Mar/07 4:52 AM
I prefer Better Boy, but right about now, those look awfully good. Hard to get good tomatoes from a store. Thanks for making me hungry!!!
28/Mar/07 5:03 AM
28/Mar/07 5:32 AM
5:40, mAen, my tomatoes are at the grocery store or the farmer's market. Old is the only thing I grow.
28/Mar/07 6:08 AM
Good afternoon to all! Be awhile before we can grow tomatoes here in Ottawa.
28/Mar/07 6:31 AM
our crop of tomatoes was sunk by water restrictions leaving no water for use outside the house.
28/Mar/07 8:53 AM
What inspired you to take a picture of your tomatoes?
28/Mar/07 9:05 AM
Yummmm... we have had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, but alas, like the summer weather, they are coming to an end now.
28/Mar/07 10:20 AM
Home grown tomatoes over those supermarket styrofoam things they strip mine somewhere in West Texas any time.
28/Mar/07 11:21 AM
I love tomatoes sun ripened on the bush they have a better flavour and I never refridgerate mine, I only pick what I need then wait for the next lot to ripen. Yummy!
28/Mar/07 12:32 PM
can't wait for tomato season
28/Mar/07 2:01 PM
Our tomatoes started out so well but then we had the same problem as Rosemary. Such a shame as Elinor can eat half a punnet at a sitting if we would let her!
28/Mar/07 4:13 PM
Grape tomatoes tastes better
28/Mar/07 6:20 PM
My tomatoes have been doing wonderful. I had a bumper crop this year - hand watering with water collected in the shower in a bucket. The soapy water seemed to keep the bugs off too. My grosse lisse have finished now, but the tom thumbs are still going strong. Nothing better than a fresh tom...well maybe there is...
28/Mar/07 6:47 PM
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