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Tough Sudoku for 29/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Door to Door or Town to Town - Salesman.
That's a lot on a bicycle.
Good Maen, all. I was in Nam in 1969 and remember scenes like this often.
9:57 Great time for me!
They look happy! Sale must be good. I bet they are cleaning up.
I have stopped timing myself and rushing to finish the puzzles and this is one of the only times I have finished a tough without having to guess and without mistakes. Mary Anne From FL made a comment about timing on the Medium puzzle and the last two I have stopped timing and have enjoyed the More...
Good Maen to all. Very enterprising! A traveling Wal-Mart??
14:46 with only 1 guess! I usually do time myself, but I don't stress over it.

Good one, Cliff!
Great picture! They have made good use of their bicycle and they look very happy. Good MAEN everyone.
11:30, im a new commer, my first try at the tought 1
Well Glen I wish I had not tried it your way and completed this one without the timer. I really think this was my fastest 'tough' ever.
I'll never know!
Very colorful cleaning supplies!
at the end it was more convenient to end with a guess!Sorry...
I thought this was an easy 'tough' so maybe the lack of the timer wasn't the only reason why you enjoyed it, but I also don't like the timer, it makes me feel I am competing against myself and all of you and I always come up short.
14:51... Ok, again not my best. But I'm getting there! ^__^
9:54 ... still new enough to enjoy timing myself and comparing with others. i was away for a week and am glad to be back! good maEn all...
1) Start 22, UP to 27.
2) Naked pair 69 at b13 forbids a3=69, c3=6, b4=6, b5=6, b9=9. UP 29.
3) Naked pair 79 at h89 forbids h1=79, h5=7, h6=7, h7=7, g7=7, i7=7, g8=7. UP 53.
4) Naked pair 58 at ac3 forbids d3=8, g3=58, i3=5.
5) Naked triplet g2=58, h1=68, i2=56 forbids i1=6, More...
another great holiday snap fi?
have a great day/night one and all
10:43 and I had to guess once - bummer.
I had time for the tough today; I agree, not too difficult. Colourful picture for a reward.
Welcome back Jeana; Glenn; you are finding that the journey is enough.... wonderful. For those who still prefer the destination...onya, Whatever makes you happy.
4.42 to set up, 5.01 to solve, lots of triple combo's (whatever you guys call them...)
seemed very easy today.
not many people around on levels above easy this morning, am on first page for all except easy!
10:19 (total time). That must be a record for me on tough! Much easier than some I've had lately.
Did anyone see any cats or dogs on that bike?
fi from NT - is this one of your photos, too?

Glenn, I agree with you. Photos of PEOPLE in other countries are just as good or even better than just the scenery!
Clark- may be it is the best solution- certainly Simple Sudoku doesn't provide a hint
A misnamed Hard. No guesses at all. Fell into place. Should have unclicked 'remove possibilities'
Agree re timer - I don't like the pressure and work more efficiently without it. Has anyone tried the 'Samurai Sudoku' in the weekend papers? It's a 5-grid sudoku with the 4 corners of the central grid overlapping a corner of each the 4 outer ones. A great weekend challenge.
It depends on how you define 'better'. Any proof of this sudoku is going to be 'easy to 53; forbidding chain; easy to end'. The only way to make it better is to find a shorter fc. I'm interested enough to come back and find out if someone found one, but not interested enough to look for one myself :)
I'm not confident writing these as FCs, though I know they can be, but two fairly simple steps will eliminate the 5s at g5 and i5 at 53 filled.Then easy filling to end.
First look at c5 =5,6. If c5=5 then i5 is not 5. If c5=6 then h5=8,h1=6,i2=5 so i5 is not 5. So either way i5 is not 5.
Now More...
Only 1:25. What kind of a tugh is that?
Gaby - was that amazing time from scratch?
yeah that was a bit harder...but still easy!
gaby 1:25, i can't even punch no's randomly that quick... how did you arrive at such a solution?
Great photo - life is simpler when your business fits on a bicycle.
Love the Samurai Sudoku! No 'automatically remove possibilities' there!
Very late - the next day - looking at this one. A couple of fine proofs have been submitted. Here is another approach:

1) Start at 22 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 27. (UP 27)
2) Pair 79 at h89 forbids 9 from h1, 7 from h1567,g78, i7 UP 35.
3) Locked 8's at More...
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