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Hard Sudoku for 29/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Very Pretty
Well Done
Didn't time myself and the experience was far more pleasant and relaxing. Mary Anne From FL was right!

This is a lovely picture. Queensland looks nothing at all like Florida! Our highest point around here is a highway overpass!
Good Maen all. Very hilly. Are those two people on horseback in the picture (right-centre)?
Glenn - I always felt timing put pressure on what is supposed to be a fun/hobby/relaxed kind of thing...My friends from Florida actually take pictures of ROCKS when they visit because of such a flat terrain and they swear there are no rocks in the state larger than a fist.
Glenn- that came out kind of weird...They take the pictures of rocks here in MA and claim there are no rocks in Florida..
8:00 Beautiful area...hilly like Maine, but most of our mountains slope more gradually. It looks like a great terrain for hiking.
8;56 - not bad for me
11:50, im a new commer
Didn't time myself, but did this to the accompaniment of Strauss!!

Though the pic was somwhere in Scotland till the caption appeared.
lovely, rugged terrain, actually looks like parts of alaska in summer.
10:11 with phone call in middle
Lovely scene - very peaceful!
'Hard' are the most enjoyable ones, as they never require guess work and yet always soluble by simple logic of elimination. Perhaps the experts would say the same for the 'tough' too!
Hi Glenn,

You've got things a little confused. The picture was of Queenstown NZ not Queensland Australia. There are some mountains in Queensland - not much snow on them. All though you can't see snow in this picture Queenstown is the skiing capital of south island of NZ.

I agree Shash, these are the best. I can do them without guesswork or really wracking my brain but yet they take a little thought process.

Good mAen, all
5:50 my fastest time ever
Forgot to time it - well, it is the weekend. Good maEn all. Lovely scenery.
Tim, I thought it might be Scotland too. I think NZ is a bit far for me (hate long plane journeys!), but someday hope to get to Scotland.
6:46 Not my best time, but well worth the effort -- beautiful scenery!
great picture have just booked our flights to NZ for september and we are very excited that we we will be travelling around the south island for 2 weeks.
have a great day/night one and all
I thought the highest point in Florida was the new Expidition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom. At least it's a mountain albeit a manmade mountain. My daughter just returned from an internship at the Animal Kingdom. She loved it but she really missed our Utah mountains.
My husband gave me an More...
We certainly have mountains here, but are very rugged and snow capped. This province has a wide variety of scenery, something for everyone ... well no ocean :(
It's remember me a famous race sailing ship who's name was ENZA( eat new-zeeland apple ), but where are the trees ? Good maeN's all
If you only have a few weeks, like beautiful scenery and quiet locations, go to the south island of NZ (you'll need to hire a car or campervan). If you prefer city life, go to Sydney, and if you have lots of time, like variety and don't mind travelling distances, travel around parts of Australia.
I never time myself. I do the puzzle over a nice cuppa tea LOL. Very relaxing. Have a great holiday Rosemary. Sept is the start of spring, but it will be chilly in the South island. I am in the North island, much warmer :-))
Thanks Amy, It all sounds wonderful.
NZ... been a while. Walked the Routeburn track a few years back (oh, at least 11, it was before I was married!)

Jef/Paris, nice to see you. Do you mind if we correct your English? You should have said 'It reminds me of a famous racing sailboat whose name was ENZA'
9:13 Slow, but it's Monday!
I think I recall the mountains around Queenstown are called 'The Remarkables'. Very pretty!

Hey Nurn from Galway - you could drive (OK via a car ferry but I recall there's a fair few of them to choose from - Caledonian McBrayne) to Scotland for the weekend! Or a week to justify the cost of taking the car! Wish I was so close! I've only been the the UK and Republic of Ireland twice!
lovely scenery! wish to visit that part of the world!
11.55 - No guesses
Looks like 'Lord of the Rings' country!!
Queenstown is a very picturesque place - like most of New Zealand, specially the South Island, really breathtaking.
queenstown... i'll put it on my 'must see' list...
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