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Tough Sudoku for 6/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Sep/14 12:04 AM
Nice! Very interesting composition, Sue!
06/Sep/14 12:05 AM
site puzzle, SE=8.4, SG=16.5

xy: (9)g2=c2-a1=a4 - (9=5)c4-g4=g6 # -9g46
xy: (6)i5=(6-9)i7=(9-1)h7=h5 # -6h5
xy: (38)h3,(81)h5,(15)g6,(57)c6.cb3; -3b3

1. (8)d5 = WW(15)d5*,g6/(5)defg4 - (1)h5=(1-6)h7=d7 # -8d7

2. [(1)h7=h5-(1=5)g6-c6=*c7-(5=6)d7] - More...
06/Sep/14 2:40 AM
naturally the script mangles the kraken! Murphy's Law

2. [(1)h7=h5-(1=5)g6-c6=*c7-(5=6)d7] - (6)h7=h8
(5)c3 - (5=3)b1-i1=i79 # -3h8
// DP(349)hi167::(3)i9.b1; -3b9
06/Sep/14 2:42 AM
missed final steps on point score for site puzzle:
add 1.75 for 6.25 points, a *** level puzzle.
06/Sep/14 4:11 AM
UP27; [6a4=6a5-(6=18)hi5-(18=59)gc4]-(59=6)a4; UP38
g6=5; UP52; Skyscraper(5bf1,5be9)-5e3f7; d8=4or6->contradiction; UP81 via NP(57)ab9-5d9=5d5
06/Sep/14 4:33 AM
Reminds me of the ginger plant.
06/Sep/14 9:14 AM
(27) 29@cg2=>b2<>2
(28) 1?@b5=>c6=2=>c2=9=>c4=5=>
(29) 2?@c6=>c2=9=>a4=9=>c4=5=>g4=8=>g3=2=>
(32) More...
06/Sep/14 10:52 AM
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