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Tough Sudoku for 8/September/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Too tough, SE=8.8
08/Sep/10 12:06 AM
Did you climb under the Falls, Vici? That is such a cool experience!
08/Sep/10 12:19 AM
I didn't, Judy. I was down there all by myself...towards the end of the day and just stayed to take some photos before hiking back up to join Bean at the top.
08/Sep/10 12:40 AM
Here's a start:
1. Unique possibilities to 24.
2. If c8=8,d8=4,d4=9=f9,c7=6=e9;central box is devoid of 6. So a8=8.UP25
08/Sep/10 12:51 AM
S.E. 8.8!!! Three corkers in a row. No time until after work today :-(
08/Sep/10 1:29 AM
6 chains and 2 kraken produced a whopping UP=30, whereupon I took the sane path and gave up. I'm sure a thick monograph of chains and krakens could limn a path - but...I'm not that addicted. If not unfairly tough, at least uninterestingly tough, not even a backdoor to hang one's hat on.
08/Sep/10 2:12 AM
OK-maybe time for the 12 step program.
7 chains plus 3 kraken did the job. I'll spare you the gory details.
08/Sep/10 3:07 AM

farpointer:please have a look on Eureka,Extreme #206,comments.
08/Sep/10 3:28 AM
sotir: lifts my spirits some, but I'm certainly feeling off my game after these last three here. There's a nagging suspicion that I'm not seeing 'the elephant in the next room' when a solution takes more than 3 or 4 steps. Steve or some other vet usually proves that the elephant is real.
08/Sep/10 4:08 AM
I love the photo Vici.
08/Sep/10 5:38 AM

A long path for this one.
1)Start at 22,SSTS to UP=24
3)(hp26=2)dib1-(2=158)abc2-(8=3 )c1,=>i1<>3
5)(268=7)def7-(7=4 More...
08/Sep/10 11:55 AM

08/Sep/10 12:04 PM

Step 5) is not necessary.
08/Sep/10 12:45 PM
Vici, Beautiful. But weird (for me). At first I thought I was looking at a Rodin grouping through a curtain.
08/Sep/10 2:08 PM
Hi farpointer and all,

I've spent quite a bit of time on this and found the following backdoors: (3)c7, (4)c6, (2)b5, (8)b4, (4)g4, (3)b3, (8)h5, (2)a2, (8)g2, (8)c1, (3)h1, (2)i1. Best regards, Neil
08/Sep/10 5:49 PM
I got there eventually - 55:12. Good night all.
08/Sep/10 10:09 PM
just mulling over some theory (Steve probably has covered this ground). When two bool nodes are linked T-T,F-F and those nodes are say almost hidden set and almost Xwing or SwordFish, the link permits a quantum jump between remote cells. You could have something like:
HP(nm)g8i9 -- (n)a1 where (n)a1 is weak with an almost fish with weak column a and almost weak column g or i.
08/Sep/10 11:59 PM
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