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Hard Sudoku for 23/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good evening everyone - this is a photo I took early one morning with the dew on the spider's web.
Good morning to all! Nice picture Anne, but tell the truth now.... Isn't it really a cat trap?
Looks like my mind in the early morning. (-_*)
Actually Greg, there are so many cats around my neighbourhood that you're putting thoughts into my head. But then, one of them is mine. And I'm NOT going to submit his photo!!
Maen all
a fine spray of water defines the web nicely for a great pic if you dont get up early enough
where's spiderman?
Well Done, Nice WEB
Great shot Anne. Since we're looking at the same pic from different ends of the globe, does this make it a world-wide web?
'Me thinks the lady(ies) doth protest too much.' I'm begining to think that all the cat pictures submitted are either your's Anne or AP's, and you're both just being coy with us!
is it really as big as it looks? Puzzle was rather simple.
Puzzle pattern is a common one. How are 'hard' puzzles defined? Just curious.

The pictures are absolutely incredible!
Ro: Great comment!
now i can tell my kids where the isty bitsy spider went!!!
good one Ro
nice pic anne
Come into my parlor, said the Spider to the Fly - and we'll all have tea.
Solicitors Welcome.
7:38 Spider did a good work!
Spider's webs have always amazed me; little bugs that come up with strong, perfectly constructed webs. This one reminds me of a badminton net.
Good point Ro.
Where is Shelob? Isn't that the way Gollum took Frodo?

Good mAen!
Just loved the picture!
11:14. Good maeN all.
A big spider web just in time for Hallowe'en. Think of all the nasty kids it could catch!
Horrible time. Back from the party for violet and getting ready for bed after long drive back from NC.
11.09. Good morning everyone.
interesting photo anne
have a great day/night one and all
would like to see photo of spider that made that web. either that or more cat photos.
10 flat
mAen to all. Needed a couple of breaks, did it in about 15min in 2 lots. Sticky point about cats and not cats eh?
Very surprised to read through all the comments and find no reference to Charlotte!

The web is looking a bit bedraggled. There's one spider that ate very well that day or is it sloppy workmanship? Beware the building inspector!
Dave - I think you really need to beware of the building inspectors down here!!!
10:23 This was an easy hard for me. I know lots of you can do it much faster. Just wish I could've gotten it under 10:00. Lots of 18's at the end.
04/Jun/12 5:01 AM
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