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Tough Sudoku for 23/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Another cute little girl. Keep 'em coming.
Pretty little girl.
hey cutie if u r A.violet then HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU
Maen all
That's Emily, not Ashley Violet! But there sure are a lot of cute little girls who pop up at the end of sudoku puzzles. This was taken during her 5th birthday dinner in August (you can see the remains of the cake on her plate). She was doing 'I love you' antlers when I took this picture (you hold up your hands like antlers but you make the sign language 'I love you' sign with your hands).
Over an hour to solve this one.
Foget timer, NICK! i don't think today tough as 10/21&22/06, but 1:26:47... Nice picture.
Good afternoon to all! What a wonderful smile she has! Happy birthday pretty girl!
Emily - Happy Belated Birthday. You sure look like a happy girl!
Mommy must be smiling with that big old glass of wine in the reflection.
Actually Lizbaby4, there's about 3 ounces of wine in the glass and it appears not even to have been drunk yet. I've noticed that you often seem to have something negative, even if just in a subtle way, to say about the photos I've posted and I'm not sure why. Last time it was a comment about how More...
What a pretty and happy child. She looks so grown up (how quickly they do).
Jill, do you sign, or like me , just know a couple of signs?
Jill, what a cutie! She looks like a real joy.
She is a beauty! And I have the same dishes.
Ooooohhhh Jill is a bit testy today. Someone touched a nerve!
A very worthy tough puzzle:

1) Start 23, Unique Possibilities to (UP) 27.
2) Hidden pair 67 at di1 forbids d1=9, a1=49.
3) Hidden pair 29 at df2 forbids d2=67, f2=67, abc2=9, gi2=29.
4) Locked 5s at c45 forbid c2789=5.
5) Naked pair 89 at ci9 forbids a9=89, f9=9.
6) The More...
That's a lovely photo! Emily's a lovely girl, Jill!

Possible solution to tough sudoku of 10 23 06:

1) Start at 23 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 27 filled. (UP 27).
2a) Locked 5's at c56 forbids c2789=5
2b) Hidden pair 67 at di1 forbids d1=9 and forbids i1=49
2c) Hidden pair 29 at df2 forbids abcgi2=9 More...
Wow - did not mean to post the solution twice - guess I miss cut and pasted - sorry

Clark's proof and mine are quite similar.
I just know a bunch of signs. Some that I learned a long time ago, and some that I learned so that we could sign with Emily when she was a baby. It was really fun to sign with her, and had added benefits - for example, it's much easier to have a baby use the ASL sign for 'all done' rather than the More...
Jill your daughter is gorgeous and you sound like you are very proud of her.
Jill, you have a lovely little girl and you must be very proud of her. Enjoy her while you can.

Ignore Lizbaby4. She must be suffering from PMS. (Pessimistic Mouth Syndrome)

Please let's try to keep this a happy place.
Before I go further with my question, I would like to Thanks Steve for your reply on 13th October on the coordinates - Just checked it today.

Anyway, i have some trouble with the line :
d6=3 == c6=3 -- c6=5 == c5=5 -- f5=5 == f5=2 forbids d6=2

wat does the '==' or the '--' More...
ha jill..its a.violets b'day today and her pic have appeared quite a few here when she was small
(i've no idea how old is she now,guess may be 3or so)so when i saw the comment for the pic as b'daygirl i thought it could be violet!!just that..anyway a belated b'greetings for emily...

Lizbaby......back in ya box.
Hi G!
A == B: means A OR B. At least one of A,B is true. '==' is also called a 'strong' link.

A -- B: means (notA) OR (notB). At least one of A,B is false. '--' is also called a 'weak' link.

An explanation of forbidding chains is available through the link 'proofs' on this page.
What a cutie, Jill. Jill & Cyndi, have you ever heard of Signing Time? It's a great series for teaching young kids ASL. My 4 year old daughter loves it - we just bought the complete series after they stopped showing it on PBS. My 18 month old son is even learning a few signs. I've heard the More...
Forgot to mention, that you can go to signingtime.com to learn more about Signing Time.
Oct. 23, 2007.
23/Oct/07 11:05 PM

05/Sep/10 10:16 PM
29/Jun/12 9:19 AM
10/Feb/20 10:55 PM
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