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Easy Sudoku for 23/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen to all
good Maen all
Good Morning Everyone!!!
3:55 that would be one ugly cat. Sorry to the owner.
I had a kitten who looked just like this one. Appropriate for a black cat to be here so close to Halloween.
2:55 Hi to all. Kittens are sweet!

Thought for the Day:

I started out with nothing...I still have most of it.
Happy Birthday Suzanne, have a wonderful day x
have fun,but dont hurt ur self.............
Happy Birthday Ashley Violet, enjoy your day!
It looks like it's another sudoku birthday round.
Happy birthday to Suzanne. Have a great day

and Happy Birthday to Ashley Violet.

and a Happy Birthday to anyone else celebrating their birthday today.

Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Happy Birthday Ashley Violet
Todays cat is brought to you by nal from miami.

Meet Kaia, my daughter's cat. She was a kitten there. She is about 2 years now and hasn't calmed down yet.
Looks like a kitten but scary Holloween-like pose. If I didn't know better, I would think Gath is picking Holloween pictures.
to Suzanne (is that Seattle Suz?), Ashley Violet and Glenn from Winter Springs FL.
where are the jokes? I can't start my day without a good joke. On the other hand I don't have one.
Good morning to all! Birthday wishes to all those celebrating and happy un-birthday wishes to everyone else!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GLENN AND SUZANNE AND ASHLEY VIOLET! Have a wonderful day with your family and friends and best wishes for a great year!

Cute 'fraidy-cat' Kaia, nal!
2:20 I love cats!! Especially unusual cat pix as this one is. Thanks nal. Yes, I prefer good travel photos but I always like the surprise at the end of the puzzle unless it's a DOG.
Happy Birthday, Suzanne.
nal, is that the cat that likes the bidet?

Happy birthday Suzanne, even though for us it won't be until tomorrow, & happy birthday to Ashley Violet.
Joe from Geneva
Where did you find the irregular puzzles? I can't find them!
Love this site!
Thank all you Aussies for the lovely (early for me) birthday wishes! Getting over my cold/flu/virus/whatever and should be back to normal by tomorrow. It feels great to be acknowledged...I love you guys..XOXO MWAH!
good mAen everyone
happy b-day suanne and ashley violet
...and thanks to the non-Aussies too!! Didn't mean to leave you out!
Maen and HBTY to all you celebrants. Gee, I ve been gone awhile (Things are busy in the Nuclear lab). Didja miss me?
Glenn, Happy Belated Birthday

Ashley Violet - I hope you have a great Birthday.

I see 'the Cat' is back!

Have a great day everyone.
Cats, GREG!!! Cats!!!
hurray got under 4: at last just 3:59
HappyBirthday Ashley Violet, Glenn and Suzanne & best wishes for many many more filled with Happiness and Joy.

Sharnel, which nuclear lab? My husband works at a nuclear power plant here in SC.

Joyous Sunday/Momday to everyone.
to Ashley Violet and Glenn, and whomever else I've missed this month..
Okay Dick:

What happened when the cat ate a ball of wool?

She had mittens !
4:21 I like this sweet, frighten, little cat!
Liz,I wonder if the irregular puzzle Joe from Geneva is talking about is Kakuro, which is another of the choices in the list where you get Word Search, Crossword and Jigsaw puzzles. Check it out.
Hello all, and good morning to those in Australia...or good night?
Just found this site; I love sudoku, hope to come every day for a new one. <3
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