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Easy Sudoku for 13/July/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
jury — A panel of twelve untrained in law who are asked their legal opinion.

...and here's today's factoid:
In Boston, a cat was summoned for jury duty.
http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/cat-summoned-jury-duty-boston-court-rejects-owners-appeal-di squalify-article-1.154763
13/Jul/13 12:00 AM
Yippee! Another beautiful day in Michigan!
That's two days in a row now!
Hope it holds for the Celtic Festival tomorrow!
13/Jul/13 12:00 AM
Actually... I have always trusted my cat's opinion more than most human's!
13/Jul/13 12:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
13/Jul/13 12:13 AM
Cow Appreciation Day
Pecan Pie Day
13/Jul/13 12:14 AM
Sal, the jury-bound cat, is gorgeous!
13/Jul/13 12:16 AM
Mmmmm! Did you say, 'Pecan Pie day'???
13/Jul/13 12:22 AM
(For Shosho!)
13/Jul/13 12:23 AM
There is a Michigan Sudoku meet planned for Sunday at Debby's! Yippee!
13/Jul/13 12:24 AM
Good Maen, good people. I'm getting excited about Sunday's meet up.
13/Jul/13 12:26 AM
Can't wait to see you again, Shiela.
13/Jul/13 12:28 AM
I celebrated pecan pie day earlier this week, don't think my numbers will be so great if I indulged twice. Maybe.
13/Jul/13 12:31 AM
‘Simple answers’ - but not everyone thought so!
1. fishy and fish
2. mates and mate (as in chess)
3. pity and pit
4. towny and town (towns are not necessarily near cities)
5. Cats and cat
6. plane and plan
7. got and go
8. Magic and magi
9. peter and Pete
10. growl More...
13/Jul/13 12:35 AM
Apparently it wasn't a rush time at that restaurant.
13/Jul/13 12:35 AM
Grass-hopper and son - thanks. I was going to ask my computer guru about the drivers, but he's really busy on a project at work. I'll take your confirmation of my suspicions and try to do that later today, as soon as I'm done with my own cuppa/morning browsing break.
13/Jul/13 12:36 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

I would never of thought of #4 in CGs poozle, but #2 mmmmmmmmm wont tell hubby I missed that answer

Thanks CG for the poozles, and hope there are some more to come.
13/Jul/13 12:39 AM
I did think of towny/town first but every definition I found for towny was unpleasant and didn't seem to fit the bill.
13/Jul/13 12:40 AM
Whew. Greg - I'm glad that last answer came to me quickly. I sent you the email saying I was going to take a few minutes to work it out and I had so much other stuff suddenly come up, I didn't think I was going to be able to focus. It WAS 'simple,' once I thought about it. Thanks.
13/Jul/13 12:41 AM
Lizzy - if it makes you feel better, those were the two that were hardest for me, too.
13/Jul/13 12:42 AM
Good maen to you all from sunny, beautiful Portland, Oregon.
13/Jul/13 12:53 AM

Thanks Plum, as Greg has said, its the trying that counts not the correct answers!!
13/Jul/13 12:53 AM
Oh, I can just picture my two cats on jury duty--Spike being distracted by a toy mouse and Arthur with his head in the toilet ... they would make me so proud.
13/Jul/13 12:55 AM
Good morning.
13/Jul/13 12:57 AM
Quiet here.
13/Jul/13 12:57 AM
Just missed Keith's number.
13/Jul/13 12:59 AM
Pleasant night here.
13/Jul/13 12:59 AM
But I am looking forward to my slumber today.
13/Jul/13 1:01 AM
Actually, I wasn't too sure about #4. I've only seen it spelled ''townie'', which didn't fit. I thought perhaps ''towny'' was a Canadian thing and took a chance.
13/Jul/13 1:06 AM
At first, for #1, I had ''wary'' and ''war'', but it occurred to me that Peter probably wasn't too fond ''doing'' the second choice, so I did some re-thinking.
As has been said, correct answers are nice, but the fun part is finding answers at all!
13/Jul/13 1:14 AM
Speaking of which, I need to spend some time on Mr. Cee's latest offering while the laundry is doing it's thing.......
13/Jul/13 1:16 AM
Kathy: Webster's dictionary -
townie-local, native (or towny)
13/Jul/13 1:23 AM
I got up early and was going to work on Greg's curtails, and turn in whatever I'd gotten before changeover, but just as I was getting started, the power went out. Ah well. Best laid plans and all. I had gotten #10 right off. The rest were still eluding me when everything went dark.
13/Jul/13 1:39 AM
What a charming restaurant. The lighting may be conducive to intimate dining, but makes for a gloomy photo.
13/Jul/13 1:49 AM
Cow Appreciation Day?
13/Jul/13 1:52 AM
You take the cow I will take the pie
13/Jul/13 2:07 AM
We made it to Tulsa, Harry did his appointment, I went to Sams. Then home all in under 3 hours.
13/Jul/13 2:14 AM
Sue, is that a Holy Cow?
13/Jul/13 2:15 AM
It is now nap time, I don't like getting up early.
13/Jul/13 2:15 AM
Why not?
13/Jul/13 2:15 AM
13/Jul/13 2:16 AM
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