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Easy Sudoku for 2/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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02/Mar/14 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

A shepherd once told me to count his 37 sheep and then round them up. So I told him there were 40.
02/Mar/14 12:00 AM
Actually, I fell asleep before I even finished counting them.
02/Mar/14 12:01 AM
Hey there fella, give those sheep back to me!!!!!
02/Mar/14 12:02 AM
A bank would have rounded them down - just like your interest payments.
02/Mar/14 12:04 AM
Answers to yesterday’s disemboweler:

1. Shrewd, shred, shed
2. Table, tale, tae, te
3. Tendon, tenon, Tenn, ten
4. Waist, wait, wit
5. Snort, snot, sot

Comment of the day: From Kathy(MD), ''Yeah, snorting snot is rather off-putting. More so if you're drunk, I More...
02/Mar/14 12:13 AM
A bank would have charged you two sheep as a 'counting fee' too.
02/Mar/14 12:13 AM
Good morning to all! That's a nice looking cat.
02/Mar/14 12:15 AM
It's snowing here again today. So what else is new??
02/Mar/14 12:16 AM
A puzzle for your Saturday/Sunday pleasure:

1. An ornamental tuft on the head of a bird –> a character representing silence in music
2. Crush between two hard surfaces –> the outer layer of cheese, or a peel
3. A meat cut that includes parts of the shoulder blade –> a More...
02/Mar/14 12:18 AM
Doug has lost three sheep - they're hiding in Canada.
02/Mar/14 12:19 AM
They probably got sick of our hot weather.
02/Mar/14 12:21 AM
Now they're lost in the snow. (Unless they're black sheep.)
02/Mar/14 12:24 AM
I used to have a cat that looked like that.
02/Mar/14 12:45 AM
If they're white sheep, they'll blend right into the landscape.
02/Mar/14 12:46 AM
Easter is my official cutoff for snow. After that point I get really crabby. Until then, I'm just slightly disgruntled.
02/Mar/14 12:49 AM

02/Mar/14 1:41 AM
Hubby always considers my birthday the cut off for snow. He continues with this assumption even though there have been times when it is snowing on the day. Sort of like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, he is always surprised.
A little off this year, but the forecast is for More...
02/Mar/14 1:48 AM
Hi all! And a very Happy Birthday in a few hours to Batty. Now we know the reason for the new car...!
02/Mar/14 1:58 AM
I am fairly certain we will have snow after your birthday. Depending on when it falls, we typically get a little after Easter as well.
02/Mar/14 2:11 AM
As I scroll up the page I notice that Keith has yet to make an appearance. Should I wait for him?
02/Mar/14 2:12 AM
02/Mar/14 2:14 AM
I waited a whole 2 minutes. I think that was very generous of me.
02/Mar/14 2:15 AM
I'm going to take this cp on the road. Stuff to do, people to see, etc.
02/Mar/14 2:15 AM
I'll bet those jeans were freshly laundered OR getting ready for a suitcase. Those are the best times for cats to sleep on clothes!
02/Mar/14 2:17 AM
02/Mar/14 2:56 AM
Away from home again, so no surprise I didn't get here.
02/Mar/14 2:56 AM
Well, of course, Bev! Fresh out of the dryer, comfy warm as well!
02/Mar/14 2:56 AM
I would have guessed just out of the dryer.
02/Mar/14 2:57 AM
Finally, the cats are fed, the kitchen's scrubbed down, kitty boxes cleaned, I am finally sitting down with my breakfast!!! Yum, I bought a bleu cheese and honey roll yesterday. So that warmed up, strawberry smoothie, a clementine, and a huge mug of coffee sit in front of me!
02/Mar/14 3:53 AM
Plus some sudoku puzzles and CG's puzzle, I am quite content! No particular job to do, actually nothing I must do! Today is a treat!
02/Mar/14 3:55 AM
02/Mar/14 4:00 AM
Good Maen Everybody.

Kathy - Besides thanking Mother Nature for your b-day snow, be sure to thank hubby for helping you get your new RAV-4! Enjoy your day(s). I hope you don't get as much snow as they're guessing we might get (6-10 inches)!
02/Mar/14 4:27 AM
What a kind cat! Working hard at keeping the jeans warm for the wearer.
02/Mar/14 5:44 AM
02/Mar/14 5:47 AM
Happy birthday tomorrow, Kathy
02/Mar/14 6:37 AM
Well, lookee, lookee, my timing is great!
02/Mar/14 6:37 AM
so close . . .
02/Mar/14 6:37 AM
getting there . . .
02/Mar/14 6:38 AM
02/Mar/14 6:38 AM
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