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Easy Sudoku for 6/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Dec/09 12:05 AM
Morning all!
06/Dec/09 12:05 AM
(first time ever first poster) - by accident
06/Dec/09 12:06 AM
Great up close & personal photo of Floss...congrats to the talented artist!
06/Dec/09 12:09 AM
Curious coincidence - I was posting another on yesterday's while downloading a printer update. Suddenly I lost connection and what I was writing.
The computer had switched off after completion of the download. When I got back on line a couple of minutes later we had moved one day on!
06/Dec/09 12:10 AM
RR - even a blind squirrel unearths a nut now and then! Best way to come by it...by chance!
06/Dec/09 12:10 AM
Looks like we're alone here, RR - we've got to stop meeting like this...people will talk!
06/Dec/09 12:11 AM
all - Baby it's cold outside (17°F). RayRay congrats on first post & Vici on your fast touch on puzzle.

U-tube: Manheim Steamroller - "Traditions of Christmas"

06/Dec/09 12:12 AM
VV: Please can I hire you for my Christmas tree?
06/Dec/09 12:15 AM
VV: I thought talking was the objective here
06/Dec/09 12:16 AM
Good morning and afternoon 'Eve'
06/Dec/09 12:16 AM
[Thinks: I wonder if VV wants me to thank her for the compliment of calling me a 'blind squirrel]
06/Dec/09 12:19 AM
RR: I guess it depends on what blinded the squirrel.
At least she didn't refer to you as squirrely.
06/Dec/09 12:21 AM
Yes, Eve. I suppose being called a 'blind squirrel' is better than being described as 'squirrely'
06/Dec/09 12:34 AM
Morning eve...cold here, too - but not in the teens - expecting that tomorrow night.
RR - I hope you didn't take offense to my "blind squirrel" comment - it's an old saying I've always loved, so it is said with complete affection
06/Dec/09 12:42 AM
But I wouldn't hesitate to call you squirrely, too! (with affection, of course!) Why Rocket J. Squirrel is one of my best friends (Shosho)
06/Dec/09 12:43 AM

Not Cold here!!!
06/Dec/09 12:52 AM
I havn't ventured out yet - still in my warm bed -- I keep hoping for some breakfast in bed - but alas, I guess, I'll have to make it and bring it up to serve myself --
06/Dec/09 1:00 AM


Tigers been dropped from the Ryder Cup team as his terrible record at being beaten by the Europeans continues..
06/Dec/09 1:04 AM
going to take floss for a run -- tootles
06/Dec/09 1:08 AM
oh, poor Tiger -- what happened in Vegas -- did not stay in Vegas ---
06/Dec/09 1:09 AM
Oh, might as well, tip the scale --
06/Dec/09 1:10 AM
1:51, all.
06/Dec/09 1:18 AM
I guess I am squirrely by way of being a terrible hoarder of paper and things. My place is very cluttered. I even treasure dust bunnies.
06/Dec/09 1:19 AM
To post as I was going to at the end of yesterday - so continuing with the boring topic of cement-dust in relation to Global Warming -
if they wanted to correct ice-core C02 data, they could analyse the ice for Calcium to index the contribution made by any incident cement-dust then apply a More...
06/Dec/09 1:26 AM
Maen, everyone! Late arriving here today.
Brrrr! It was 14 F (-10 C) here this morning, so I didn't feel like getting up this morning!
06/Dec/09 1:46 AM

LOL - You're right as usual, RayRay....

It IS boring
06/Dec/09 2:19 AM
Raining here at the moment. Supposed to turn to snow later on. We shall see....
06/Dec/09 2:45 AM
Only one answer so far to Fiona's riddle. I'll post it again if you'd like to give it a try.

One for the weekend now - answers to Kathy's inbox please!
What is this rebus?

06/Dec/09 2:49 AM
I'ts here!!!
06/Dec/09 2:52 AM
to you,
to you,
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of More...
06/Dec/09 2:53 AM
Squirrelly? Squirrelly? Who's being squirrelly here?!?!
I've been like this ALL WEEK! Any moment I'll be flying!
06/Dec/09 2:55 AM
Only 2 weeks 'til the solstice. Days will be getting longer / shorter.
06/Dec/09 2:58 AM
MMmmm. 33 reminds me of a beer.
06/Dec/09 2:59 AM
Not quite in the spirit of the holiday, found out that my younger son and family won't be coming out to LA for the holidays. He has his leave but has report to works spotted in the middle of his leave so he doesn't have time enough to come. And with Obama's step on the war in Afghanistan, my son will be going in January.
06/Dec/09 2:59 AM

Ba Moui Ba?

06/Dec/09 3:04 AM
06/Dec/09 3:07 AM
Ian: Is that the call of a French sheep?
06/Dec/09 3:09 AM
Oh shosho, I'm so sorry. I know you were looking forward to the visit.
06/Dec/09 3:10 AM
06/Dec/09 3:10 AM
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