Boxing Gath

Now heres a game a few of you could really get into! :)

For controls, left and right arrow move you from side to side. 'A' and 'D' punch left and right. Spacebar blocks punches, and 'S' delivers an uppercut (only possible when uppercut energy meter is full).
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OH GATH..........I'm sooooooooo sorry

It would appear that I gave you 2 black eyes, a bloody nose and a cut chin
29/May/07 2:24 PM
Hey Col,

Easy on me!

29/May/07 2:35 PM
Ha ha - I'm a pushover! Knocked out in 29 seconds!

29/May/07 2:37 PM
I made you suffer for 1min 23 seconds
31/May/07 7:48 AM
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