Watch Amazing Blindfold Sudoku Solving Video

Submitted By: basscom4life from Nigeria

A new Sudoku solving technique allows for sudoku puzzles to be solved even without looking at the game board as demonstrated in this video.....
Watch here...

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This guy is really cool.
18/Sep/16 11:11 AM
I reckon that I could do that too. I would just need someone below the camera viewing angle tapping me on the leg telling me what numbers to call out. eg. Tap my leg 6 times and I say '6'.
24/Sep/16 10:03 AM
I might have been a tad generous with my previous comment.
27/Sep/16 9:53 PM
wot is going on here
01/Oct/16 2:33 AM
I think this is the guy that sends me emails telling me that some Nigerian prince has died and left me millions. All I need to do is send him my bank account details.
18/Jan/17 3:09 AM
Download Sudoku from google play store
12/Jun/19 10:59 AM
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