The Impossible Quiz

Submitted By: Angie from Wisconsin

Good Luck to everyone!  Thanks to Mamacita for putting this on her page as a widget and getting everyone hooked.  Please comment!  Tips and cheats are welcome.
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Yay! Caution to all who use this flash. It's huge and is incredibly addicting :)
27/Feb/08 4:23 AM
Thanks for putting it on here, Angie. I am so frustrated with #5, but I WILL figure it out.
27/Feb/08 9:27 AM
Anyone who wants pointers for this quiz. Go to my page for a limited time and watch my youtube. Have pencil and paper ready!
27/Feb/08 2:53 PM
Anyone got some help for me with #74?
27/Feb/08 4:35 PM
Scratch that, got it now; just needed to get the order right
27/Feb/08 4:49 PM
So far, I can get to 100. I think I need a life.
27/Feb/08 5:49 PM
Just an FYI - you MUST have ALL your skips left to win :)

And there's 110 questions.
28/Feb/08 12:19 AM
To get it to work I had to go to
I have only gotten to 59 and I have probably started over 100 times. Thanks for the info about all the skips. I will have to figure some more out!!
02/Mar/08 5:15 AM
Beth, which ones are you having problems with?

#59, you have to click like crazy. then when you pass and the next question asks if you got it right the first time.... say yes!
02/Mar/08 3:07 PM
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