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Easy Sudoku for 22/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Greetings all! G'Maen to all!

I think we need to hold a worldwide sudoku.com.au meeting here in Orlando!

Anyone up for it??
This site reminds me of an '80s movie, “Ladyhawke” which starred Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer, Matthew Broderick & our own Leo McKern, if any of you remember it. Michelle was a hawk by day and Rutger Hauer a wolf by night and only saw each other for a few seconds as the sun went down & again in More...
1:56 First? Probably not... nice action shot!
00:01:54 - Girls rock!
That sound like a plan!
Beautiful sunny cool day on the gulf coast. 65 this morning - maybe fall has arrived. Have a great day everyone.
2:06 one of my faster times.
Good evening everyone. A good action shot, wonder where it was taken.
1:43 Maen why are they kicking the cat??
Photo of girls' soccer team in action - but are they all so short and squatty?
Must be because the photo has been resized...
3:27 But I made a mistake! Hi to all.
Glenn - when is this going to be then the great Sudoku event?? Do you have a private jet some of us could borrow???

Thought for the Day:

If you are going to try cross country skiing...
start with a small country.
I've never been to the site this early; it myst get busy around noon/midnight--there's usually more than 50 comments by then. Anne, I remember the moie well. We had a tv spinoff for a short while.
Good Maen to this side of the world, and goodnight to the rest.
5:03 bad time for most...great time for me. prob one of my best. good morn everyone
Hey Anne, 'Ladyhawke' is one of my favourite movies too. So sad that two lovers are kept apart by an evil magician who loves the lady, puts a curse on the lovers, then an eclipse is their salvation and they come together in the end. Ah, a fantasy world is better than the real world!
Who is the pretty young girl on the word search puzzle?
Glenn- I must admit to feeling a bit leery when anyone in Orlando suggests a meeting there... I assume they are in the hotel business :D Orlando could easily house ALL the users of sudoku.com.au!
2:11 and fine athletic form on the girls. I'm all for Glenn's plan, especially if Andre's wish for the private jet comes through. As usual, I ponder, 'what does one wear to a sudoku event?'

It's nice to have a non-dog/cat picture (even though I love animals). It would be nicer to have a caption, Nicer still if the timer could be moved somewhere else, and the photo space expanded to a rectangle, since most photos are rectangular in dimension. Thanks anyway for a very enjoyable site.
KB where about in DM do you live? I am in urbandale IA.
Great action shot.
Hi Glenn. I'm game - I haven't ever been to Orlando, and it's on my list of must-visit places. Not sure what the Ausies will think of the sudoku.com.au meeting being held in Florida though.
What am I going to do? The jigsaw puzzles are unavailable and I can't go to bed until I've completed them. Please restore them soon.
Good Maen everyone

Elmer, I grew up in Marshalltown, IA, and my brother in law lives in Urbandale, my husband is from Ames, Go Cyclones!!!!
I suggest that you all come to Perth in October and join us west aussies when ganniemo comes to visit our fair shores and we hope to have a meeting then. There will be lots of accommodation for everyone. There aren't many sandflies on our beaches, just remember to bring your swags.
MARILYN From Joburg, South Africa - I'm game for Australia, but the travel would be difficult for me. I have a propensity too develop blood clots - genetic anomaly. Not to worry, however. I take my rat poison every day just like the doctors say...

ANDRE - you want a ride on my private More...
Good Thursday Maen, all!

Glenn/Winter Springs--LOL don't know if many people realize that warfarin is a rodent poison ingredient! My mom is on Lovenox to prevent blood clots while she is in rehab from knee surgery...
I hope this helps: The jigsaw page says this instead: Could not load type system.EnterpriseServices.Thunk.Security from assembly System.EnterpriseServices, Version=1.0.5000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a.
Muriel from Montreal - Helps what? All that is a lot of double dutch to me. Does it really mean something.
Well, on this sad note, being deprived of my nightly fix of puzzles, I will now retire to my bedchambers and read a bloody book.
Goodnight all.
I am really LOL at the progression of Anne's smilies as that was my reaction to Muriel's help.
I liked the thunk as that was my jaw dropping. Also loved the analogy of the Ladyhawke movie with we sudoko-ers on either side of the world. I can only play in our am just as others are going to bed and I miss all the later parts of conversations only to tune in the next day to a 3L lama.
This a a joke from a German website I got translated by a programme offered by Mozilla. If you never heard the joke you will laugh twice, you lucky you! Here goes:

Joke: What does all this do?
The telephone rings and a child goes and whispers:
“Hello, I can speak your More...
To ANNE From Albany W Australia: I am sorry! I only copied-and-pasted what the site said when I tried to go for the jogsaw puzzle page. The message was for Dr. GATH and I should have mentioned it.
2:22 Good Maen, All! Anne, I'm glad that there aren't many sand flies on your beaches, but what are swags and why should we bring them?
It's not rocket science -- just crop the photo to a square BEFORE submitting it and the proportions will be fine. It really is nice to see something other than cats, dogs and babies.
Oboy, Glenn, I been looking for an excuse to visit Fla. A corner to corner (of the USA) adventure!
Hello everyone, actually it is called football NOT SOCCER!! It is called football because you use your foot to kick the ball!! I'm still a tad baffled why our friends from across the pond call their sport American Football, when they actually use their hands for the majority of the game, shouldn't it be called American Rugby???
An old man and old lady were at church one sunday morning. In the middle of the vicar's sermon the old lady leaned over and whispered to the old man 'I've just done a silent fart, what should I do?' The old man replied 'You can start by changing the battery in your hearing aid'
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