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Tough Sudoku for 11/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well, I attempted a tough for the first time in a while. Still not ready to put the timer on though and needed to use 2 guesses which prove to be correct.

Hope everyone is having a great day or night!

Aimee :-)
11/Mar/08 2:45 AM
A hermit crab? Though I'm sure that there will be a rather more scientific label for this particular creature somehow!
Zzz time now - goodight everybody!
11/Mar/08 3:09 AM
S-eepy me - GoodNight!
11/Mar/08 3:10 AM
Have a great day/night, everyone!
11/Mar/08 3:10 AM
I vote for hermit crab also. The shell looks used (like a car I once owned) but there's not enough of the crab visable to be sure.
11/Mar/08 3:40 AM
A path to solve this one
Start at 22
1) Basic techniques UP 27 (note : pair 19 at i46, 28 at i39, 46 at gh4)
2) a7=8==(quad 1349 at a4567) – a9=4==c8=4 => c8<>8, UP 32
3) d8=7==f9=7 – f9=8==f7=8 – f7=6==d7=6 – d7=1==e9=1 – b9=1==b9=7 => b8<>7, UP 33
4) d4=2==f4=2 – More...
11/Mar/08 3:49 AM
11/Mar/08 4:16 AM
Congrats, Aimee! I agree! I am getting faster, but not enough to post my times yet!
11/Mar/08 4:24 AM
Is it an olive shell?
11/Mar/08 5:13 AM
It looks like a rock with a lot of bubbles around it. Not sure if those are apendages or bubbles. Hope that whoever submitted photo - will identify what it actualy is.
11/Mar/08 5:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! I think her name is Gertrude.
11/Mar/08 6:04 AM
....or it could be Shelley
11/Mar/08 8:19 AM
11/Mar/08 8:26 AM
13:02 w/no guesses... woo hoo! good maEn all...
11/Mar/08 1:27 PM
I vote for hermit crab! Maybe he has come ashore to find a bigger shell. Although, as well hidden as he is, he doesn't need a bigger shell...
11/Mar/08 2:55 PM
mAen. 12.03. It looks like a hermit crab to me too.
11/Mar/08 3:38 PM
It's a shell! Do I win anything?
11/Mar/08 4:01 PM
Hi ttt, pls explain the logic of step 2
2) a7=8==(quad 1349 at a4567) – a9=4==c8=4 => c8<>8,
Thank you.
11/Mar/08 8:57 PM
Hi wbngai,

a) If a7= 8 => c8<>8
b) If a7<>8 => quad 1349 at a4567 (a4=139, a5=149, a6=1349, a7=139)
=> a9<>4 => c8=4 => c8<>8
11/Mar/08 9:14 PM
I'm not sure if I'm getting better or the puzzle was easier.
11/Mar/08 10:19 PM

07/Sep/10 10:59 PM
1.SST to UP=27
2.(7=124)deh8-(4)c8=a9-(78')a19=(8)a7-f7=f9 => f9<>7,c8<>8
=> d15<>6,d7<>1,e5f6<>4,d1<>9,eh1<>49 UP=37
4.(4)c8=(4-2)e8=(2-6)e1=b1-b6=c6 => c6<>4 STE.
03/Jan/11 8:11 AM
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