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Medium Sudoku for 11/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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4.07 beach sculpture
11/Mar/08 12:34 AM
Is that the same beach that has a lot of sculptures all over it?
11/Mar/08 12:47 AM
impressive, but a bit scary
11/Mar/08 12:55 AM
4:06 Hi to all. I've no eye dear...
11/Mar/08 2:19 AM
Looks like sculpture by the sea, Sydney or Perth?
11/Mar/08 2:33 AM
You don't fool me for one minute. I can see right through you.
11/Mar/08 2:43 AM
Keeping an eye out for someone.
11/Mar/08 2:49 AM
5:25 The eyes have it ...
11/Mar/08 3:00 AM
5:26. Good mAen to all.
11/Mar/08 3:23 AM
Very intertest picture.
Nice time everyone.
11/Mar/08 3:25 AM
Talk about an empty-headed woman ...
11/Mar/08 3:45 AM
2:46 Maen! Sort of the anti "Eyes without a Face", isn't it? :)
11/Mar/08 4:43 AM
I don't see or is it eye don't see???

(Is that a chin stud? Where are her tattoos?)
11/Mar/08 4:50 AM
An eye catching sculpture!
11/Mar/08 5:02 AM
Hmmm. This is unique! Is it safe to assume it is in Australia?
11/Mar/08 5:07 AM
I am sure that isn't Iowa.
11/Mar/08 5:56 AM
Good afternoon to all! Yes, one of Kate's sculptures by the sea in Sydney.
11/Mar/08 6:01 AM
all, good one Denny!
11/Mar/08 2:16 PM
My! That's a big piercing!
11/Mar/08 4:46 PM
5:33, very slow today.
11/Mar/08 7:25 PM
Thought I was doing an easy for a while.
11/Mar/08 9:38 PM
Scarey one Kate!
11/Mar/08 10:56 PM
13/Mar/08 6:26 AM
24/Feb/09 11:29 AM
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