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Hard Sudoku for 11/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What's Wattle? A blooming vine?
11/Mar/08 1:04 AM
A beautiful wattle tree.
11/Mar/08 1:08 AM
A tree, thanks Anne. Now that I look it up, I see how common it is in Australia, related to the mimosa tree. I feel a little less ignorant now
11/Mar/08 1:45 AM
7:26 Hi to all. It looks almost as if it could have been taken underwater. Or have I just eaten one too many bits of chocolate...
11/Mar/08 2:36 AM
Golden wattle - a beautiful tree, as long as you don't suffer from pollen or bee-sting allergies! Murder for those of us who do! A picture is thee perfect place for one!
11/Mar/08 2:46 AM
7:38 Wattle that tree do for people with allergies?
11/Mar/08 3:10 AM
V good Cathy - Wattle wittle set off various symptoms - hayfever or asthma are the most common respiratory symptoms, and some exzema sufferers flare up when in close proximity.
Many wattles and banksias have pollens which are small and light and esily borne by the lightest of breezes. The More...
11/Mar/08 3:22 AM
Mimosa , thats what we call it
11/Mar/08 4:00 AM
Looks like it could be impossible as a jigsaw! Maybe I'll have to try it!
11/Mar/08 4:10 AM
4:35 Maen! This here's the wattle, it's the emblem of our land, you can stick it in a bottle, you can hold it in your hand! Amen! :)
11/Mar/08 4:49 AM
The blossoms are very pretty and it reminds me of Spring!!!!
11/Mar/08 5:11 AM
September 1st is Australia's Wattle Day!

I am a fountain of useless information!
11/Mar/08 5:13 AM
Thank you Kathy, I'm marking up my calendar. What is it with you Ozzies and less-than-attractive names? "Mimosa..." "Wat-tle." :)
11/Mar/08 5:55 AM
6.44 wattle of spring time but oh so hot again down this way .. summer has returned
11/Mar/08 10:25 AM
Here too Rosemary, and about time, summer has been a misery!
11/Mar/08 1:51 PM
8.27 hi everyone. Yes I'd love some more sunshine before we go into Winter. Wattle looks beautiful in Spring throughout the Australian bush.
11/Mar/08 2:12 PM
AAAAAA chooooooo
11/Mar/08 4:26 PM
11:30, a pretty repeat.
11/Mar/08 7:37 PM
bluey & Sabina you can have some of our sunshine and the heat to go with it if you want, its supposed to be Autumn where is the cooler weather.
11/Mar/08 9:56 PM
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