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Tough Sudoku for 28/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A happy dog! Must like camping!
28/Nov/13 12:27 AM
SE=6.7 Up=24
1)(-1)d7=(1)d1-i1=(1-6)i3=(6)b3=(5)c2-c7=(5)e7 => e7<>1 UP=81
28/Nov/13 1:05 AM
1. Note bi8=48. Unique possibilities to 24.
2. Whether c2=5,c7=8;OR c2=6=i3,e3=1=d7,h7=3=a2,hi2=54;i8=8.UP81.
28/Nov/13 1:08 AM
Love the picture! Looks like an old dog but it lives on in our Sudoku lives! Made a great jigsaw too.
28/Nov/13 5:51 AM
Hello everyone! It's the the other Kate's dog! RIP Schultz.
28/Nov/13 6:27 AM
(24) 9@ef2=>ac2<>9
(25) 7@c56=>c2<>7
VHB C to (81)
V:Only cell left in Vertical column for this candidate
H:Only cell left in Horizontal row for this More...
28/Nov/13 6:54 AM
site puzzle 11/27/2013 (unsolved): Symmetry=Full, Start=22, SSTS=24
SG @ Score=30; SE=9.0 @ 10 dynamic kraken, 16 kraken, 18 FC

Three main chaining steps with two krakens, average level difficulty for a More...
28/Nov/13 7:41 AM
Hi kobold. As I was ready to post my own path, I discover your own. I have not yet investigated how far they are comparable. I see -3b6 in common.
I post my path as it is. In three steps (first two complex!):
Standard techniques UP 24
1. Kraken row (3)abgh4 =>SIS 3ab4=3g6=6b6 More...
28/Nov/13 9:01 AM
28/Nov/13 1:24 PM
Yes, my beloved Schultz. He died in January 2009 aged 14 years 3 months. He's 13 and a half in this photo. He did very well for his age.
28/Nov/13 1:56 PM
11/Mar/19 2:58 PM
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