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Easy Sudoku for 21/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Thought for the day
Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly,
And Leave The Rest To God.
Trevene good lady kind and true
warming chocolate just for you
not to hot really quite mellow
for we have to find you a rum fellow
dip for now and we will see
weather you are liking the taste of me!
3:11 - Have a nice day.
Ah you think you know who is who
Some dont sleep but others do
You know who I am ? - or you think you do !
Have I accidentally given a clue ?

WOW - leave the site for a couple of days and it gets taken over by talking chocolate pots and cats. I'd better get my butt over to the ball. What should I go as ?
CHRISSY - wow - I have never been taken for a tall dark (you didn't say handsome) man before - or someone that wears red flannel. More...
alas pp no clue my teasure
a woman i spy of immense measure
of great intelligence and true
that is all i know of you
now i must play for i have a mouse
it teases me in this er house
purrdy mouse come here......
love the poems - you are all very clever with great imaginations. poetry was not one of my strong points at school. lucky queen red pen appears to be asleep or content to allow a little leeway tonight. enjoy your party on the other side of the world as sleep beckons on this side.
Farewell dear puss
Go play your games
Chase and scare your prey you must
For such small trinkets I am not fussed.
Feminine gender? Could you be right ?
I scratch and claw and roar and bite
But that does not show female gender
A male perhaps but a good pretender ?

love reading all the comments. Can't bbelieve the diversity of countries we all come from to gather here in this little area of the net. forgot to time it.
Am renovating a house, pool poured, rumpus room slab poured(hooray!)
t-shirt weather here
My purrrrrfect apologies - The last posting should read
party panther TO Mistress Kitten
prr prr hrr hrr (laughing in kitten sounds) :))
a tantalising tease i feel
claws no, gentle tallons real
be you man or be you beast
you are always welcome at my feast
pretender could be true
how will i know the real you?

night night rosemary
lol (human side of me)
Attend your feast, that I will do
Be I man or child or woman too
Tho our friendship for now will be in rhyme
True identities will be known in time
PS: But I feel that I do have a clue
To the identity of the real you

6:48 That's both the time, 6:48am & the time it took me to do the puzzle...i keep getting worse! :)
i may i fur (feel) be hiding well
eating mouse (it tastes like hell)
i may have taken one for another
to hide the me your'll soon discover
take care black cat journey with me
cat tails and cheers on this brilliant sea x
good night mistress kitten -
please those mittens wear,
or be gentle with those talons you bare
use them wisely if its pleasure you seek
for tomorrow to the pretender you may speak!
how will you know if the pretender is true?
how will you know who is who?

To the pretender when you speak you'll know
The prose, like this will flow and flow
How many people do you know
That write poems this bad and put them on show
(That was awful)
** PS Archives are a treasure trove of hints
rosemary you make me purr out loud :)

pawfect rhyme ;)
Wish me luck. I'm on my way to Chicago for a job interview. I've been filling in this position since April, and they finally posted it. There are three other applicants, but since I've been doing the job, I should have a leg up on my competition. If I get it, I'll be in the position until I retire in 2007. If I don't I go back to working midnights until then.
TO MO - Good luck for your tests tomorrow Mo, hope everything goes OK for you. Let me know how you go.
3:40 Hope all is well. Bill (Darwin) are you still with us?
Good luck jsherp. I hope you get it. It would be nice to retire from a job that you've enjoyed instead of just put up with ! Is the job in Chicago ? How far is Chicago from where you are (Geography not my strong point),
fun and dance have at your party you must
for bolly and hocolate I understand you lust
but I need sleep I do fear
to deal with the day that is but here!

good night/day you two and anyone else who enjoys this site at this moment in time.
Rosemary - Goodnite to you. For me, I am nocturnal and I must hunt, I am off to see if I can find a crone, a wart, a tigrrrrrrrrr or at the very least some penguins
7:23 tonight. Put up the first of our christmas lights Sat and now there is already some not working. They would have to be the ones on the roof!
3 down, 1 to go. Lookout Scotland! So Aussies, it's you and us for the Tri-Nations Final eh! (I think it's yours though!)
Greetings all at the More...
Mistress Kitten, I trust you will amuse yourself whilst I am gone. (I think I'm going to hunt some new poetry - I'm all out). Please be gentle with the mouse, after all, it may be a fellow party goer in disguise !
jsherp good luck and a little kitten cuddle to help you on your way x night(?) all
Col: (Somehow, I knew that was short for Coleen) Chicago is about 150 miles (250 km) from where I live. The job is based in Chicago, but I'll be working out of my home facility. The District I'll be responsible for stretches all the way from Indiana on the East to Iowa on the West. From just south of Chicago to half-way down the state. 622 facilities. A lot of driving, but a lot more fun.
Woe is me, I have to go
But I did so enjoy the show
Party panther, Mistress Kit
I truly have admired your wit
Jungles beckon, near and far
I must travel there by car
Paws on wheel, tail curled tight
But do I travel by day or night?
I am sure that I will be most welcome at this Party. I must steer clear of Clone as she will undoubtedly have a place for me on the end of her nose or between her toes. I think I will try to catch the attention of the ship's Captain whilst the selfish Stateswoman is resting. I fear she has too much control over him as she distracted those delightful felines.
Well what do I see but cats at play, maby this is my lucky day.
When I can cruise the room, in a secretative mystic undetected gloom.
Selecting a partner at my leisure, whom I will take for my pleasure
If you are lucky, and I am right, with satin & feathers you will feel climatic delight.
We are specialized in producing and exporting different woodentoys.
the penguin pie and fish canap├ęs have certainly attracted a pile of cats, I see, albeit highly poetic ones - a cat on a ship,mmmm?? Anyway all you aspiring bards are very clever indeed and your poetry is not bad at all. Wart, you remind me of QRP...? As for the masked avenger, can't wait to feel climatic delight whatever the Dickens that is!
Di - the remains of what we went to great lengths to steal for you is in the ship's freezer. GiGi - I am willing to make burgers with the rest of the penguin bits if you continue to tell your jokes - they are good! Susan - are you lounging about in the stateroom or are you checking that everyone has taken the penguy test?
who woke me up?
whats going on?
masked avenger would you like to dip, or would you prefer a slow stir ....
or do you prefer felines with soft downy fur?
While you are choosing for your delight
take a taste from my pot for it is your right
for this vessel we sail till the end of the day
is your vessel dark tower and you must play..
Time for your medication.
I had to laugh, what is the 'straight hair set'??? I somehow feel it's got nothing to do with having straight hair. I liked the bit about 'chic' and 'sophisticated'. Since arriving in France I have certainly adopted a bit of the French chic. Did you know that french women ALWAYS wear matching underwear, for example? No, get down Ted, down, down, down!
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