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Tough Sudoku for 19/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A lot of movement in something that stands so still.
Thanks for sharing, Robin.
19/Nov/10 12:08 AM
1) SST to UP=28.
2) (5)a7=(5-6)h7=(6-1)h9=(1-4)h1=HP(34)D19-(3)d3=a3 => a3<>5; UP=30.
3) xywing (3=7)e1-(7=134)afi3 => a1<>3;up=81.
19/Nov/10 12:41 AM
Beautiful - and exquisitely sad. (At least what I see in it.)
19/Nov/10 12:44 AM
OK, I give. Whatizzit?
19/Nov/10 1:28 AM

19/Nov/10 1:48 AM
Pretty easy one today! Interesting sculpture! First impression was a bit of an Easter Island face!
19/Nov/10 2:06 AM
1. Note pairs 56 at ah7;37 at e19.Unique possibilities to 28.
2. If i3=4=d1,d2=2,f3=7,f8=9,(pair 56 at c29);the 58 rectangle at af45 cannot be resolved.So i3=1.UP81.
19/Nov/10 2:42 AM

Jiminoregon:The end of step 2 is not so clear,need to wright:
19/Nov/10 2:51 AM
Does it have a tail?
19/Nov/10 3:08 AM

farpointer: Have a look at Eureka.
19/Nov/10 3:15 AM
also one step w/o AUR
(5=6)a7-c9=(6-1)h9=i9-(1=4)i3-f3=(*245)d123-(3)d3=a3 => a3=3, STE
19/Nov/10 3:29 AM
clearer is a3<>15 for my chain
19/Nov/10 3:30 AM
sotir:thanks for the citation. I'd post on that site, but the notation seems clumsy to my eyes. The algebraic style (ala chess notation) here is saner.
19/Nov/10 3:40 AM
sotir, I think that my step 2 was correct. The implication is either a7==5 or, if it is not, then a3==3. In either case, a3<>5. What is the problem as you see it?
19/Nov/10 4:35 AM
My step 2 needs fixing up:
2. If g1=4; e4=4.Also,d1=4,f3=7,f8=9,e1=3=a3,a5=6 (to avoid the 58 UR),e6=6 makes e4=4.UP81.
19/Nov/10 7:12 AM
note: if you want a challenge, try May 22, 2008 tough; SE=8.5 - justed posted efficient (2 chains + 1 kraken) solutuion.
19/Nov/10 8:07 AM
Must be my eyes - I see a cockroach belly!!
19/Nov/10 2:41 PM
Yuck Midge!!
19/Nov/10 3:09 PM
Actually probably more like dung beetles but I might be upsetting some people with this comment - art certainly is in the eye of the beholder!!
19/Nov/10 3:58 PM
This took me a bit longer than it should have - 20:48.
19/Nov/10 6:06 PM
Thought it was a frog face, but can see Plum's sad face and the cockroach belly hehe! Eye of the beholder.
19/Nov/10 6:52 PM
Or should that be boulder?
19/Nov/10 7:05 PM
19/Nov/10 7:22 PM
So breakfast Ma'am?
19/Nov/10 8:37 PM
27/Dec/10 2:49 AM
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