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Hello Robin, welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy it.
01/May/16 12:29 PM
Nice to meet you Robin, we're almost neighbours! Hope you get as much pleasure from this site aqs I have enjoyed!
08/May/16 3:54 PM
Well congrats on finally taking the plunge!!
13/May/16 2:38 PM
Hello Robin! Welcome to the site and to your own page! Have fun!!
07/Jul/16 11:01 PM
Hello Robin, nice to see a new member and congrats on getting first this morning.
14/Feb/17 6:37 AM
Hello Robin, I just saw your comment about heading over this way. Will you be heading down south to Albany or just staying in Perth?
02/Apr/18 3:46 PM
G'day, Robin. Nice to see you post on easy, today...
09/Jan/19 7:53 AM
Hello Robin, just saw your comment on easy. Does this mean you now live in Mandurah?
18/Feb/20 1:45 PM
Hi Anne. Yes, we moved over from Ulladulla to WA to be near our daughter who lives in Perth. Been here for 2 weeks after taking nearly 3 weeks to slowly travel overland. Spent a few days in Albany. That is a beautiful part of the world you live in without a doubt. If the rail still ran there More...
18/Feb/20 7:26 PM
Hello Robin, I just saw your comment on 'hard' and thought I'd check out your page and you have left a message on here for me, and I see you have now moved to W.A. It's a shame you didn't get in touch while in Albany as I could have shown you around. Yes, I still play badminton twice a week, although at present we can't play because the local sports centre has closed down due to the virus.
26/Mar/20 12:47 AM
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