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to Sudokuland, rdwin! Enjoy!
10/Oct/11 2:06 AM
Hello rdwin - Welcome and nice to see you commenting on the site.
Cheers from Albany,
30/Oct/11 1:15 PM
Oh, I just saw your comment on "hard" and thought I'd never visited your page, but you have changed your name.
Hello Robin - nice to see you commenting on the site.
25/Nov/11 7:15 PM
Robin! Hope you have a very wonderful day!
10/Apr/12 12:25 AM
Have a great birthday Robin
10/Apr/12 1:50 AM
Have a super-special birthday Robin! Cheers!
10/Apr/12 7:12 AM
Hope you have a fabulous day!
10/Apr/13 9:20 AM
Woo Hoo, Live it up on your special day!
10/Apr/13 5:43 PM
10/Apr/13 9:27 PM
Nice to 'see' you back on the site Robin. How's life treating you?
09/Sep/14 1:14 AM
Hi CG,

Doing fine. Moved from Canberra to Ulladulla on the coast south of Sydney. Loving it here.

09/Sep/14 4:43 AM
Hi Robin! Good to see you posting!
10/Sep/14 6:27 AM
Twelve comments in THREE years !
That must be a record for SLOW - SLOW - SLOW !
Glad you like Ulladulla - not so dull ( @#?!)as Canberra !
15/Sep/14 11:25 AM
Now you're Bob from Oz. Another name change???
Love your photos. Thanks for sharing them.
03/Apr/15 5:26 PM
A very to you, Robin. Have a great day!
10/Apr/15 12:14 AM
10/Apr/15 2:35 AM
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