Guess the Weight and Date Competition

Hi Everyone,


Time for another Weight & Date Comp!


Sarah Beth's (from Littleton) daughter-in-law is having a baby, and it is due on July 14th. He's going to be a bouncing boy :)


Equipped with that knowledge - can you say what the baby's real date and weight will be?


Prize will be a (you guessed it) full supporting membership. Post your entries here.




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Let's give it a go at July 16, 2007, 1840 hours 8lbs.1oz. or 3.656kg. Hoping for a healthy and safe birth, the best to you all.
12/Jul/07 12:10 AM
Here's my guess 17 July, 7lbs 14ozs. Hope she has an easy birth.
12/Jul/07 11:55 AM
I'm sorry, I tried to wish it early for you, Ashley. Now I hope I'm not putting the mozzers on but when I carried my first, a son, he was 8 days overdue so, sorry but-
July 22nd
8lb 7oz
Just hoping it's as quick too!
Thanks for the second guess, Sarah Beth.
12/Jul/07 4:02 PM
Cutting it a bit fine,My guess 18th July 7lb 60z. All the best.
14/Jul/07 5:51 AM
I forgot the date. I say, July 16th.
14/Jul/07 8:48 AM
Final guesses:
July 10 Gail/Cockatoo 8# 7oz
July 11 Jane, SSI, Ga 7#14oz
July 12 Sheila, Malibar, Fl. 7#7oz
Bluey, Port Kembla 7#11oz
Fiona, Fr 3.75kg (8.27#)
.dino, Sth Gippsland 8# 3oz.

July 13 Kathy, Md 8#2oz
Tami, Florida 9#2oz
14/Jul/07 4:18 PM
Sarah Beth. the weight in my guess is 7lbs 1 oz ......... not 7 lbs 10 oz..

Best Wishes to Ashley ..
15/Jul/07 10:40 AM
21st July....8lb 2oz

Don't Know why...........a bit like picking lotto ticket numbers and I haven't won that yet either.
15/Jul/07 4:19 PM
oh? was there a cut off date for guesses....must go back and read the initial instructions from Gath....didn't see one.
15/Jul/07 5:32 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just checking up to see how this is going. I think Col is right - I should cut off entries at this point.

I'll post again when the baby arrives.

17/Jul/07 10:45 AM
19/Jul/07 11:04 AM
I think the baby will be born on 16th july and weigh 12p 9
20/Jul/07 4:21 PM
July 20th.
8 lbs, 3 oz.
26/Dec/07 5:55 PM
so what is the answer?

19/Jul/08 11:26 PM
hope it all goes well. 16th of July
2.8 kg
16/Aug/09 3:29 PM
14/8 & 9kg hope I'm right
04/Aug/12 8:23 AM
From comments on Sarah Beth's page, it seems the grandson was born 20 July 2007, unless that was Aussie time so 19 July in the U.S.
01/Mar/17 3:03 PM
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12/Jun/19 11:02 AM
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