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Finally I'm here. Been reading about you all for a year now, thought it was about time I stopped in to say g'day. Feel like I already know you. Please excuse the mess, I've just moved in. Already in reno mode so should have the place spick n span in no time. Well that's the plan anyway! Don't despair, there's always nibbles here and the first thing I unpacked was the Bubbly. Welcome.
05/Jun/07 10:44 PM
g'day to you, Gail! May I be the first to welcome you to your new page?
I'll just leave a big pot of Maryland Cream of Crab soup for you and your guests to enjoy.
Stop by my place anytime, door's always open
06/Jun/07 3:14 AM
Hello Gail - to your own page. Here's some to help you get started with your decorating and a bottle of our local Goundry Unwooded Chardonnay for you to enjoy.
06/Jun/07 11:42 PM
Gail and to your New Page.
I know you will have heaps of guests to here is something to help you while you unpack and set up house.
06/Jun/07 11:44 PM
HI GAIL, good to chat with you on SA page today. Welcome to your new page, and hope you enjoy your time is sudokuland.

If you have been reading for a YEAR, you are an older hand at this than I am. And you should know, I made apple butter suring the last to post contest and I azlways leave More...
07/Jun/07 12:04 AM
Well, that was a tight squeeze! MizT doesn't go anywhere without her chair. It was blocking the door Finished the platter of nibblies you left at my place and came by to do some grazing here Oh! And bubbly too! I'll just have a seat for awhile....
07/Jun/07 3:45 AM
Just out and about and dropped in to say and Hi. It's summer here but it's a cool start to the month. School's out and adjusting to the new schedules. Have a good one, Mary
07/Jun/07 4:18 AM
Hi Gail, and welcome to your own page! I have a tradition of dropping off a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry as a page warming gift, so I hope you like rich, sweet pastry. Enjoy!
07/Jun/07 7:37 AM
Derr!! I think i'm a slow learner. How are the bubbly and nibbles going Gail?
07/Jun/07 10:10 PM
Gail, just got you post, join me in chatroom if you want
08/Jun/07 5:41 PM
Hi Gail and welcome . This will be my first time at a Sudoku Bar Tour too, I'll be the other shy one there. Nice to know I'm not alone.
Here are some poffertjes for you and your guest to enjoy.
08/Jun/07 6:17 PM
Hello G A I L.
Congratulation to have your own page .Iam very glad to visit You having wiyh me these very beautiful flowers hope You enjoy it.
You are to your own page.
You are to my own page.
You are to visit my 'Egyptian Guest House'any and every time You wish.
08/Jun/07 8:10 PM
Hello Gail - so, aren't we a smarty pants then!!!

Well done. I hope you're having a lovely day.
09/Jun/07 6:07 PM
thanks for the welcome,Gail. After all we are almost neighbours. Love the friendliness of these pages. Hope you're enjoying the long weekend.
09/Jun/07 8:55 PM
Hey Gail, I like your positive attitude! I leave you some 'smelly' blue cheese with South African Watlemoenkonfyt (Watermelon jam) and a bottle of Neetlinghof chardonnay!!
09/Jun/07 9:25 PM
I'm so glad that the Dalai Lama makes you happy... I'm sure he would be too! And when we are happy we spread a little more peace through the world (which desperately need as much as it can get) I've been uploading some more pics on Flickr if you feel like checking them out.
09/Jun/07 9:51 PM
Sorry, forgot your request re Dalai Lama's health, but then I don't know any more than you do. He has had to cancel some of the events on this tour to get some rest.
09/Jun/07 9:59 PM
Thanks Gail, it really means a lot that you said that. I've been trying to stay positive all year, but it is hard. I'll be very happy next weekend when he graduates. Thank you for visiting my page!
09/Jun/07 10:05 PM
The new pic gives my location away. I'm at Sandy Point, near Wilsons Promontory. Better get to bed myself now. Nice to chat.
09/Jun/07 10:32 PM
Hello Gail, no I am not going on the bar tour, I can't afford to go or get a babysitter for my kids. But anyway we should organise a time to go out somewhere we are practically neighbours, I live in the Yarra Valley
Thanks for dropping by my place, you are always welcome
09/Jun/07 11:13 PM
Hi Gail! I loved your two funny notes on my page. You must have a very good sense of humor . If you ever come to the U.S., you are welcome to visit me either in FL or at the beach house. We only get to use the beach house four weeks of the year. We must take turns with the other 12 More...
09/Jun/07 11:54 PM
Hi Gail, This pic of Toria was taken in the last year, her school one was when she was just 4 on her 1st day of school. (shes quite a big lass for her age). She is 8 now.
10/Jun/07 7:27 AM
Gail, I came back to remove my chair, since certain people keep stumbling over it or squeezing by it. I did find niblets in it this time, better than a dead mouse.

I have something to send you, if I can get your e-mail address. I More...
10/Jun/07 9:41 AM
Hi Gail. My nephew is Harry and he was born on the 31 May. I got to see him for the first time yesterday and got a couple of great photos of him with different family members.
The picture of the pink heath was taken in the wild down near Anglesea. We were just going for a walk and found not only the pink heath but also the correa just growing around a picnic spot.
10/Jun/07 12:15 PM
Hello Gail , thank you for visiting my page ,and for your wishes , and welcome to your own page , i hope you enjoy it as every one does . You will meet wonderful friends .
Gail. i didn't know where your country is , please can you give me an idea? thanks
10/Jun/07 4:54 PM
Hello Gail returning your visit to my page. I will pass along the condolences to my friend when I see her, every kind word helps .Have brought some more nibbles for you seems the others have cleaned you out, You did say there was some bubbly here didn't you Hmmmm I better go get you some more of More...
10/Jun/07 9:25 PM
Gail I think the reason you cannot come into the chatroom is because of your sign in name. your From:, has a naughty word in it, and isn't allowed in the chatroom. You may need to contact gath and have him help you sort it out.
bugger, would really have loved to have chatted to you.
10/Jun/07 10:28 PM
Gail, Gail, Gail,
Please do not at any stage feel you are asking to much, especially from .
How else is he to know what problems our members are having if you dont' let him know.
I will contact him now, and you should follow up on it tomorrow.
10/Jun/07 11:31 PM
GAIL, thanks for th e recipe, now to find cocoanut milk and the other exocit to me ingredients! Good idea on the recipe page, i shall copy my Hawiaan chicken from archives of the board, and get rolo to put in her beef and pineapple bake I have not got to try. Huumm, should we ask vdV for his Dutch pancakes recipe to?
11/Jun/07 2:55 AM
hi Gail - can't get more verjun than us lot!! We are all taking a deep breath and going for the meet up, if only to confirm that the virtual friends we've made on here are in fact real! We've taken our precautions,paid our flights, got the posh hotel, crossed our fingers and thrown the rest to the wind! You'll no doubt hear about it in a week! But it will be fun!
11/Jun/07 6:20 AM
Hi, thank you for welcoming me :)
11/Jun/07 2:47 PM
Hi Gail,

Don't know where your comments went - but they are back now!

I'll be keeping a eye on them, there is some sort of error, but it will take a bit of tracking down.

I'll get to your chatroom issue tomorrow (holiday today).

11/Jun/07 2:59 PM
Hia Gail, Thanks heaps for the nice welcome, the bubbly and nibbles, very new to this computer stuff so be patient with me slowly learning.
I'm a definite sudoku nut and now that I've found this site, need to be careful, as I do nothing but, so everything around me is very neglected,ie;housework, gardening.
Thanks again Liz
11/Jun/07 3:51 PM
Me again Gail Sudokuaholic I suppose that's not the worst aholic there is, but extremely adictive, they say its good for the brain, Well thank God for that, imagine if it was'nt good for you. I am of to Port Douglas for a weeks holiday,with a group of girlfriends, this Thursday I've been hanging out for it desperately in need of a break. see ya Liz
11/Jun/07 4:37 PM
GAIL, Very good, I shall impatiently await your new e-mail addy! And I will try to stop bugging you about it too.
11/Jun/07 11:53 PM
Hi Gail...

for your nibblies and bubbly. I really enjoy them. Here, have some tea from Cameron Higlands, Malaysia. Hope you like it
12/Jun/07 12:49 AM
hello there, fellow croweater (albeit gone astray). Thanks for your bubbly at my abode, have brought a Lake Breeze 'Bernoota' as a house warming present. A little piece of Langhorne Ck, but you'd best cellar it and just enjoy the chockies I've brought.
You really seem to be settling in to this place well. Obviously lots of visitors. I'd better ring ahead next time.
12/Jun/07 3:20 AM
Not signed in properly today yet. I'm at work, on someone else's pooter. Was wondering if i could get your help. I have a friend who was in C*ckatoo, runs a craft/quilt store. I'm not sure if she's still there but I'd love to be in touch with her again. Can you email me at and I'll send you the details I have for her. Ta.
12/Jun/07 5:57 AM
Gail, I thank you for your visit to my page and sure hope you come by often. I was most appreciative of all of your very kind words, but the greatest thing you said was that my messages of peace were felt by others.... I only wish more would hear and start with themselves, in feeling and sharing that peace!
12/Jun/07 6:45 AM
Gail, thanks for your visit to my page and your best wishes for H and family sorting his Mum's effects. Your response was much appreciated. It was not a pleasant weekend, unfortunately, tempers frayed under the stress, but it is done and finished now.
12/Jun/07 8:31 AM
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