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MizTricia1???? 'the new you'??? Something wrong with the old one?? Whatever...I finally made it!!! First to post!!! Eat your hearts out, everyone
30/May/07 1:00 AM
HELLO, this is the same MizTricia, just moving onto a new page with my supporting membership. Long story, but how it worked out. I will be back to dress up my page, and be submitting new avatars. Till then, welcome, I moved the basket of peaches over here! Help yourself.
30/May/07 1:06 AM
Well, I'll just sit here while you decorate and wait for all the food to appear. I've brought the Maryland Cream of Crab soup, but we need something to go with it
30/May/07 1:12 AM
HI KATHY, I did get a few things up and on the page, you still waiting? I need a photo now of my basket of peaches, while you waiting, how about some music, I have another roy orbison , and i brought him all the way from australia too. but I feel naked without my AVATAR,

30/May/07 1:27 AM
Well Now....Welcome to SM status....but we only do 'naked' on designated days...don't start upsetting the visitors or setting new standards that many of us can't/won't be able to follow.....lol. With all of the good music and crab soup around, I'll just put the flowers on the table, and the wine More...
30/May/07 3:13 AM
Wow SM now. I saw you needed some crackers so here's a nice assortment. Also brought the Purdy's chocolates. We have the same song except mine is Linda Ronstadt.
30/May/07 3:53 AM
MizT, congratulations on your SM status and page. Now you get to have different avatars!! Have fun with it! Here are some flowers to make your day brighter. Take care!
30/May/07 4:56 AM
Have fun with your new page MizT. I love fresh peaches. I will leave you some of my camelias, the pure white one is now in flower as well as the pink. I have also brought some freshly baked scones to have after we have eaten Kathy's crab soup
30/May/07 6:23 AM
MisTricia1 - Wow! Welcome to the supporting member world. Thank you for the delicious peach. I love peaches! The crab soup was very good, also. OOOOOOOHHHHH I can feel the calories now!
30/May/07 8:47 AM
Lets get this party started
30/May/07 9:51 AM
Congratulations on your SM status. I have left you a vase full of the yellow nastursiums on your table.
30/May/07 9:58 AM
Well done MizT, you did it!!! Love your photo, I will take a peach with me when I go if I may. I will leave a bottle of my favourite Aussie bubbly, & a box of Lindor chocolate balls as a present.
30/May/07 1:14 PM
Okay, thanks! I appreciate it!
30/May/07 2:33 PM
notice something new MizT....

30/May/07 2:35 PM
Yep, I did notice Rola, we are in matching outfits today.

30/May/07 2:47 PM
Now you have two pictures and the you tube on....you are so clever. The information about the video works well too. It goes without saying that I LOVE Billy! Super selection. Your page is really dressed up too with all of the goodies, and the peaches are delish!
31/May/07 6:49 AM
Hi MizT, did you get my email that I sent yesterday. I haven't heard back yet - not that I'm impatient or anything!!
31/May/07 7:11 PM
Sorry MizT just checked out my page & saw you had already left a message. I will try sending again tomorrow
31/May/07 7:15 PM
Ok I've just sent another email to you, hope it works this time (maybe 3rd time lucky!!)
01/Jun/07 11:00 AM
Sorry I missed you yesterday, I was making some quince jelly and I had to attend to it. How do you send emails, can you put them on any page or is it best to put them on the chat page so that they can be deleted quite quickly? I would love some avatars and would love to know how to make them.
02/Jun/07 11:06 AM
MizTricia, glad you enjoyed my Youtube. Most of the classical guitar pieces I've put up I found by doing a search on Youtube for Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, John Williams, Elliot Fisk or LAGQ. You could easilly find and listen to many wonderful pieces that way. I'm sorry I haven't been to your More...
02/Jun/07 2:03 PM
MizTricia, have done that, took a long time because I became very interested in the site. I am in the construction industry (house and industrial), so find all construction interesting. Our local kindergarten is built as a geodesic dome in aluminium. Unfortunately as soon as the weather gets hot and the interior heats up it floats! They didn't secure it to the floor. Hope email gets through.
02/Jun/07 3:22 PM
Hi M I Z T R I C I A
Very pleased to Your visit and You for your kind comment and interest.My new photo of this week and the English wording of my First Arabic/Egyptian song is on my page No.5 Hope You enjoy it.
You to follow my new Ones Every week as usual.
Have a nice Day.
03/Jun/07 1:57 AM
hi there - my first visit to your page so brought you some French bubbly for the occasion - enjoy!
03/Jun/07 4:41 AM
Hi MizTricia! I just realized I've never visited your page before, so welcome, and enjoy a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa! As to your question today, yes, you have to copy the smilie and re-submit it through your own personal page. And Kenny G, can't beat him. I have four of his CD's and absolutely love him. Thanks!
03/Jun/07 4:45 AM
trying again: comment lost in cyber space.

Thank you for visiting my page and for the bubbly. I do not think I have visited your page before either, so I am leaving my traditional gift of home made apple butter. I was making some the first visit to a page I made, so it seemed right somehow.

03/Jun/07 5:08 AM
OOOPS, NOT on My page silly
03/Jun/07 5:09 AM
How come I didn't get any apple butter?
Nice to hear Kenny G reminisce about his beginnings.
03/Jun/07 6:54 AM
Hi, MizTricia1, and how are you enjoying your new page and your new status as SM? This is all very exciting! I am leaving some freshly cut lilacs. We have had our lilac for a couple of years, and this is the best blooming we have seen - though a bit late, I think. Also, here is a great big box of Frango Mints to enjoy with your guests as they find your new page!
03/Jun/07 1:55 PM
Hi MizTricia, This is my first time visiting you. I thought I would drop by with some of my hubby's peach wine and banana nut bread for you to enjoy. Also, I will leave some yellow and white calla lilies to help brighten your room. Please come and visit my place when you get a chance.
03/Jun/07 6:53 PM
hello miz tricia thanks for your help! i am sending my email address so you can help me. i'm not too good at this computer stuff. so i may have to wait till bruce gets home from work, to ask for his help. scrolling down now!

05/Jun/07 3:09 AM
tricia...did you see my avatar!!!
thanks sweatheart, couldnt of done it without you. i hope you have a wonderful day!!
05/Jun/07 10:34 PM
i hope i admitted that i did not do it alone...yet, had to wait for bruce to help me out. thanks again for the cool candle. it really fits ME!!!
06/Jun/07 12:42 AM
Interesting band, not really my cup of tea, musically speaking, but I find it great to be exposed to different types of music. One never knows when something he/she's never heard or seen will be just what the doctor orders...so to speak. Never heard More...
06/Jun/07 3:18 AM
I can't believe I haven't visited your page before now--so I've brought you some SC pecans and a key lime pie. (I've also brought a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream to go in your coffee, or not, and a bottle of single malt Scotch for later). Enjoy.
I have a giant favor to ask; I've noticed that More...
06/Jun/07 8:56 AM
MizTricia the peaches look wonderful! I enjoyed your youtube but noticed that none of the women looks like they are having a good time during the performance. Strange and interesting intruments too. Have a great night.
06/Jun/07 10:45 AM
Hi, MizTricia! Thanks for your visit and the yummy apple butter!

I am so impressed by the way you have embraced everything you can do on your page. On the other hand, I still haven't figured out how to put a picture at the top of my page or even make an avatar. I don't think I'm completely More...
06/Jun/07 3:27 PM
MisTricia, yes, I am right clicking on just the graphic, I think it is the computer I was using, has an old program on it. I am going ot work more with it next week after all the graduation and party is over and done with. Will have more time then. Thank you!
07/Jun/07 12:38 AM
MizTricia, yes, I am right clicking on just the graphic, I think it is the computer I was using, has an old program on it. I am going ot work more with it next week after all the graduation and party is over and done with. Will have more time then. Thank you!
07/Jun/07 12:40 AM
MizT, can I be in Julie's remedial avatar and smilies class? I know what I want for an avatar -- just RUBY in a crisp traditional font in dark red. Can you help. I'd certainly appreciate it.
07/Jun/07 6:28 AM
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