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Hello June - I see you've been given your own page although I don't know if it's a permanent thing or not. Anyway, . Now you've got to get the decorators in to pretty it up. Here's some to get you started.
01/May/07 7:56 PM
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to the Members Club June.
Thanks don't mind if I help myself to some wine and some chocolate to boot, what a great hostess.
A toast to your new home. Cheers.
02/May/07 9:52 AM
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Hi, June, and to your new page! Isn't this fun? Here are some tulips and a great big box of Frango Mints to enjoy as you settle in.
02/May/07 12:22 PM
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Hi June,
I am leaving a bouquet of Iris on the table for you.
Thanks for the chocolate.
Drop by when you have the time.

02/May/07 2:43 PM
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Hi Mum, so when I do drop round with Laura I will actually have some scones with home made jam and cream. the Lindt chocalotes will not go astray either.

02/May/07 9:01 PM
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Hi June! Welcome to Sudokuland! It is so good to have you here. I have brought you a bouquet of daffodils, (it is Spring here in Michigan) and a plate of chocolate chips cookies. Please come and see me sometime.
03/May/07 3:30 AM
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June, I will bring a batch of brownies to go along with your scones. I will also bring some fresh squeezed Florida Orange Juice. Greetings from sunny South Florida.
03/May/07 10:24 AM
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just popped in to say thank you for your good wishes today, I've had a wonderful day. Think I've had way to much cake today, so I'll pop back in real soon for those Scones. hmmmm, they smell devine.
03/May/07 8:31 PM
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Hi June - I enjoyed your visit and thank you for the beautiful Camela! I will enjoy it, very much, on my table.
04/May/07 12:45 AM
 |  |

Whoops! That was Camelia!
04/May/07 12:50 AM
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Hi June, and welcome to your own special page! Enjoded the scone (thank you), and in return I'm leaving you a double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry from Ottawa. Hope you like chocolate!
04/May/07 4:32 AM
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Hi J U N E
Congratulation to have Your own page And for Your very interst invitation,Sure I will be there and taste Your handmade scones.
JUNE You are

to my 'Egyptian Guest House.'
Any and every time you wish.
and have a nice day.

05/May/07 4:49 PM
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Please save me a piece of cake, and I love lemon butter!
08/May/07 7:04 AM
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Hi June
Ilove Lindt chocolate - it's what I have when I am spoiling myself. I'll leave you some caramel TimTams. My partner brought these to me when I was in hospital with Veronica and I became addicted!
I'm not that far away from you in Cherrybrook and my sister's even closer in Marsfield!
11/May/07 10:31 AM
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Hi J U N E
May I knock you own page to have some relax and to enjoy your very sweat scones and have a cup of Tea for few moments.
J U N E.
I am very glad to see you in my 'Guest House' and read yourlovely comments and advice if you have that will pleased me too much.
21/May/07 10:59 PM
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Hi June your place looks lovely , and scones and homemade jam yummy. I was up at Engadine last week at my sister's place when I was taking my parents back to Anna Bay in the Port Stephens area if you didn't know where it was. I will have to get baking & be ready for your next visit .
24/May/07 9:53 PM
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Thanks for the Camelias June. Mine should be flowering around July/August..
27/May/07 8:08 PM
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Thanks for visiting my place. The scones are great and the camelias are beautiful. Yes, I think I will have another scone and some of your bubblie with you. What a beautiful picture, your place looks very nice. Welcome to your new place. I am dropping off some strawberry wine my hubby made and some More...
28/May/07 6:38 PM
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Hello June thank you for visiting my page. The winters aren't too bad here. Average temp is -8 to 2C. It can get colder but doesn't last. There are a couple of ski resorts not too far away (I don't ski though but my #2 son has gone snow-boarding at one) and at my place we have an excellent sledding More...
01/Jun/07 3:31 AM
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June....Whew...I can't begin to tell how many times I've started to come to your page to you, but became sidetracked but I've made it at last! I've brought you a basket of goodies that Philadelphia is famous for. Cheese steak sandwiches, Tastycakes, Franks orange soda, soft More...
02/Jun/07 7:11 AM
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Hi June, thanks for visiting my page. You're right, it is not really the best weather for a barbie here at the moment - but I look forward to sharing some bubbly with you when winter is over
I see that you like Lindt chocolates so I will leave you a box of Lindor balls to enjoy on these cold winter nights
07/Jun/07 10:36 AM
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Hello June - I've just been in to see your photos. Wow, that ship is close to the beach. What has happened to it now?

I'll take a raincheck on the scones right now but I won't say no to a Lindt chocolate to go with an after dinner coffee.
08/Jun/07 9:20 PM
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Bugger (to quote my favourite tv ad). Next time your going to be down this way, let me know in advance and I'll try and put together a sudoku lunch or dinner. I would have loved to try and catch up this time around, unfortunatly we have a More...
08/Jun/07 9:35 PM
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Gday June just read your post at Angie's place. Hope you dont mind but I'm terribly nosey that way! Up until 5 yrs ago we lived near Williamstown, not far from Point Cook. To know you will be in Melb and not be able to catch up is maddening isn't it. To echo Angie have a brill time OS. Next time you're here ignore your real family and arrange to meet your Sudoku family!
09/Jun/07 12:36 PM
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Hi June, I just read your post on SA about passing near Stevenage when you are in the UK. I would love to say drop by and meet up BUT I fly out to Canada the the week before you leave Oz for the UK. I'm away for three weeks. I know you said you were on a five week vacation but I think you said you More...
11/Jun/07 6:17 PM
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June I know that you was not your intention, but it would have been nice to have met up. I understand about busy schedules whilst on holiday especially when you have family to catch up with. I know when I venture back up north(where I originally come from) I seem to be tied up with catching up with More...
12/Jun/07 10:26 PM
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We lived in Newport for five years just off Melb Rd near the railway station. Actually, we lived in two houses on the same street! Both were rented and I longed to own again but no way could we afford down there plus it had bad vibes. Had to get my kids out of the burbs and up to thum thar hills. Much cleaner, both the air and the emotional environment.
12/Jun/07 11:02 PM
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Hey June, they wouldn't be Mrs Bjelke Peterson's famous pumpkin scones would they?
13/Jun/07 11:23 PM
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Just dropping by to enjoy your set up - love the picture - looks so inviting. Have a good sudoku day - Mary
14/Jun/07 4:28 AM
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G'Day June, I'm a bit late with the response also.
Thanks for dropping by my place, here are some poffertjes with jam and cream for you and your visitors from Mikayla and I. Mikayla loves 'helping' to make poffertjes.
19/Jun/07 12:32 PM
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Hi June! I thought I would visit you on your page in between posts. I can't believe I haven't been here before but I stopped visiting pages when I was cleaning for the graduation. I love the picture, just the right touch! Can't wait to see the little monk outfits. Have a great day!
20/Jun/07 6:34 AM
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For your very kind visit and interst of my page.
For your best wishes for our visit to Los Angles.

I will record my visit in a lot of photos and will submitt it from there ,hope it will meets your interest.

Goodbye and see you.
20/Jun/07 7:42 AM
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Hi, June. Just to let you know that I'm creating a new SA page (called Sudokuaholics Anonymous 2). You will find it in the usual place. Gath will close off comments to the old one.
20/Jun/07 1:19 PM
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Hi June. Just saw your post and had to stop by and say hello. Really like the photo of your china cabinet and memories. As to the ship in your photos, did it end up beaching? Cheers!
22/Jun/07 5:40 AM
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Have a great holiday,
enjoy the baltic cruise,
hope the wedding goes well
24/Jun/07 11:48 AM
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Hello June, I hope you have a great trip!!
Were you also out on that dreadful Friday?? BTW great pics! We were travelling to Coffs Harbour and heard blow by blow descriptions on the ABC as we fought our way through. Seems it is still grounded there, and will take another couple of weeks to More...
25/Jun/07 10:07 AM
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thank you for the lovely birthday wishes for my 50th birthday celebrations. I have great memories to keep.
receiving messages from all around the world is very humbling. I love to send the messages to others, but receiving them is something very
we share a lot here on More...
27/Jun/07 7:08 PM
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Home June. Pleased to see you back.
Brought you some home-coming gifts. A bottle of bubbly, a plate of nibblies and an invitation to drop into my page when you feel up to visiting again! Take a stroll around the garden, find a seat in the sun and meet my family. Love to see you there.
01/Aug/07 4:20 PM
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How are you June? Hope all is well. So I assume Laura does not fit in the gown anymore. How about posting an updated picture?
02/Aug/07 5:16 AM
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Hi June! Sorry to say I have never before been to visit your page. I should have come much sooner to enjoy some of the goodies in your gorgeous setting on the buffet - so many pretty things & yummy food, too! Thanks for your warm hospitality. And speaking of warmth, it's really HOT here in FL so if you're ever chilly in Epping, please come to my place & soak up some sunshine.
02/Aug/07 7:41 AM
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