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Feeding birds

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for Neil. Please pass on my wishes for him to have a great day June!
09/Oct/07 4:11 AM
Gosh, and I pushed you to a new page! to page 3 June!
09/Oct/07 4:12 AM
Hi June,
Please pass on my wishes for your son Neil. I hope he has a wonderful day.
09/Oct/07 4:29 AM
Me too!
A very to your son, Neil. Hope he has a great day.
09/Oct/07 9:45 AM
Hello June - would you please pass on my best wishes to your son, Neil, for his birthday.
09/Oct/07 9:47 AM
June, to your son NEIL
09/Oct/07 10:03 AM
June, to Neil. Hope it's a good one.
09/Oct/07 2:57 PM
Hi June, to Neil. I would have loved to meet other Sudokuists at Bronte on the 21 Oct. but its my daughters 3rd birthday party on that day. May next time. Thanks for the invite.
10/Oct/07 1:01 AM
Hi June. do you have the results of your scan etc yet? I managed my walk today without taking the stick which is a big step for me. And happy birthday to Neil.
10/Oct/07 12:42 PM
I'm sorry your results are not promising. I wonder how much painkiller is 'too much'? I tend to swing between using them to get some relief then toughing it out for a while. My aunt used to say to me "Don't ever get old", but we really have no choice. I hope and pray you find peace of mind even if your body is in pain.
10/Oct/07 5:00 PM
JUNE, I was visiting pages today and stopped in to enjoy spring at your place. I love the garden setting. Is that kangaroo paws I see around the tree? the orangish blooming flowers? And what is that tree? Lovey white blooms, but not something I am familiar with. Do not recognize the darker wine More...
10/Oct/07 11:52 PM
good luck with the spinal physio
11/Oct/07 6:57 PM
June, you are an absolute darling for that offer. I am overwhelmed by your generosity. I have been thinking long and hard about it but I think it would be best that the Sydney meet is for Sydneysiders. It is all getting terribly awkward for me anyway. The Saturday is Beth's 18th. She has given me More...
12/Oct/07 5:25 PM
Leia and I will be there on Sunday. I look forward to meeting you! I don't know how many others will be there ... I never seem to be up early enough to post reminders before everyone else has already been on-line. Fingers crossed for Ian. We can always organise another get-together sometime.
16/Oct/07 6:13 PM
Hi June, sorry I haven't dropped in before, keep meaning too but puzzles come before etiquette & things have to be done as well!! I've adopted Laura as a pretend granddaughter if you don't mind, my other "grandchildren" are my daughter's 2 dogs Cassie & Mocha both female kelpie More...
17/Oct/07 9:51 PM
Hi June I've just been looking at your photos and see some lovely shots of your holiday.
I am envious of the birds you have in your garden. For us to feed lorikeets we have to go to a zooand pay for the privilege.
18/Oct/07 6:56 PM
Hi, June! You mentioned celebrating 44 years. So, obviously, it's your anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, June & Mr. June! Have a wonderful celebration and a special day! (We need an anniversary smilie!)
19/Oct/07 6:15 AM
Happy 44th Anniversary June and Mr June.
19/Oct/07 3:10 PM
Happy 44th Anniversary.
20/Oct/07 2:16 PM
Dear June, I did have a giggle when I saw what time you'd visited! No comment from me anymore, heaven knows I'm on here at all hours.
Thanks so much for popping in for Beth's birthday. I hope you helped yourself to some birthday pavlova. She's off spending her money today, I could see the smoke More...
20/Oct/07 4:07 PM
Hi June, Just wanted to say hello and to hope your back is doing better with treatment. When I wrote to you, I didn't mean to imply that I thought you were any where near Sully's age( not too many here are, including me...since he's almost as old as dirt...lol), but was simply trying to state that More...
26/Oct/07 5:58 AM
June, you said it! It has been one of the most liberating things, finally I'M gaining some independence! Its been quite amazing actually, the difference I have seen in Beth over the last week. Suddenly she has matured. Even though school finished for her last week, she is quite happy to go and pick More...
30/Oct/07 10:07 PM
Trick or Treat!
31/Oct/07 7:05 AM
Thanks heaps for popping in and letting me know about Boy. I am pleased he came through it alright.
D#2 has done two of her exams, English and Maths, so we...oops, I mean she has two more to go. The end is in sight and I can see the light at the end. I'm not sure when they find out their results More...
11/Nov/07 10:18 PM
Hi June! Thank you for visiting me! Please look for the notes I left in your photo gallery. Laura is one very, very lucky girl!
The school mural you saw was made of ceramic shapes poured into a mold made by an artist and then painted by all the students in the school. With about 600 More...
13/Nov/07 5:39 AM
Hi Shosho, The birds in the photos are all wild birds and the rosella has come inside the door to my Sunroom. If that door is left open the white cockatoos also come in looking for seed. The lorikeets should not eat seed but they have learnt to like it and are avery aggresive to the other birds and More...
13/Nov/07 6:14 AM
June you are so lucky to live where you do!!! Wow! To have wild rosellas, cockatoos, and lorikeets visit you, OMG! Aaaannndd to have a petting zoo that includes koalas and kangaroos. I am truly awed by you. Certainly when I retire in five years, Australia here I come! I will definitely visit you if I may. If not I will drive up by your neighborhood just to commune with the birds!
15/Nov/07 1:17 PM
Hi June, thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try patches - one with baking soda, one with eucalyptus oil, and one with carpet or upholstery cleaner. Hopefully something will work!!! D#2 is a little stress bucket and will have trouble coping if something happened to Loo!!
19/Nov/07 7:25 AM
June for the birthday wishes. Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. How are you getting on these days?
20/Nov/07 3:55 PM
June, it was so good to see a message from you! Thank you for the birthday greeting to my daughter and the happy Thanksgiving wishes. We had a wonderful birthday party last night and looking forward to a lovely Thanksgiving today. In fact, I hear the grandchildren stirring and am about to go More...
23/Nov/07 1:39 AM
How nice, June, that eating mangos triggers such pleasant memories for you. Thanks for stopping by the party and for sharing the special people in your life with us. I'll leave you with a bouquet of flowers in return.
23/Nov/07 3:32 AM
Hello June, thanks for b'day the greetings.You are welcome to visit my page at anytime.Glad you enjoyed the pictures.
27/Nov/07 8:48 PM
What a shame you can't make it for Christmas Lunch, it would have been wonderful to meet you at last. However, having said that, please let us know when you are comming down in the New Year and I'm sure the girls and I will be more than More...
30/Nov/07 1:44 PM
Hi June: Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words about my Kathy. I am a nervous wreck just about now. The wedding is 15 days away and it seems we have nothing ready - so I sit at the computer and 'talk' to my friends.

01/Dec/07 11:56 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes for Amber. She had a great day. She is growing up too fast. In my opinion, anyway.
04/Dec/07 4:58 AM
Hi June, thanks for stopping by to ceck out the surgery date. Yes, its still on fo my 11th, your 10th...I think. I appreciate the thoughts, prayers and well wishes more than I can say. I'malso happy that you liked the Christmas greetings. I do hope you and yours a happy holiday. Loved going through More...
07/Dec/07 7:14 AM
Hi June! Hope all is well. I haven't been following all the posts lately but I saw your comment today on the Parent's Page about Laura. Nice to know things are controlled, but has a solution been decided on for correcting the problem long term. Hope so. My thoughts are with all involved.
13/Dec/07 7:15 AM
Just dropped in to wish you a Merry and a cheers.
14/Dec/07 6:21 PM

Wishing you and your loved ones a
wonderful, safe and relaxing time
over More...
17/Dec/07 12:12 AM
Wishing you and your family, health, peace, love, and happiness during this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year!
Merry Christmas!
Stella & family
17/Dec/07 3:58 AM
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