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Feeding birds

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To you June! I hope it is a day full of surprises, joy and laughter!
15/Jan/08 10:33 AM
June, I hope you have a great day with lots of pressies and cake and hugs from the Grandies.
15/Jan/08 10:36 AM
Hi June! I hope you have a wonderful day, shared with family and friends. Enjoy today, and many more birthdays in the future! Happy Birthday, and cheers!
15/Jan/08 12:02 PM

Hope your day is great, with everything you wish for. Happy Birthday.

15/Jan/08 12:12 PM
June! Have a great day! Two because you can never have enough chocolate cake....
15/Jan/08 12:12 PM

to you
to you
dear June
to you

Have a great day!

15/Jan/08 12:37 PM
June, I hope you have a wonderful birthday, filled with love, laughter and family!
15/Jan/08 1:55 PM
, June. Have a fabulous day!
15/Jan/08 2:05 PM
Oh, dear, it appears that I somehow missed your birthday, June! Please accept my apologies. I seem to have too much on my mind lately. I hope it was a special day for you!
15/Jan/08 3:10 PM
Haven't dropped bye for a while so this is a fitting day to visit. Hope it is great.
Hope to get to have your and eat it to.
Enjoyed the new photos since I last visited. Boy is a wonderful looking old horse [Laura so little].
p.s. anybody ever tell you you have a beautiful smile?
ciao for now
15/Jan/08 3:26 PM
this dyslexic key board has got me beat.
Think you've caught all the bloopers and when you read what you've posted - aaarrrgh!! Not again......
Should read 'Hope YOU get to have your cakeand eat it too'. Duh!!
15/Jan/08 3:28 PM
and again...cakeand=cake and...
15/Jan/08 3:29 PM
Got it!!
haven't CP'd on a members home page before...dare I???
15/Jan/08 3:30 PM
Hello June, and many wishes for the best of birthdays!!!

Hope you have lots of cuddles from our lovely Laura!!
Your garden looks an absolute picture!!
15/Jan/08 4:48 PM

Have a lovely day June!!
15/Jan/08 5:36 PM
to you!
to you!
to you-oo!
to you!
15/Jan/08 6:27 PM
June: I don't know what time it is there, but as it seems I never get to the site very early, I just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, albeit a little late. I do hope you had or are having (see I can never figure out the time, but want to cover all my bases) a truly sensational, More...
15/Jan/08 9:38 PM
Hi June, I have just discovered that you celebrated your birthday recently. I'm sorry to have missed it, but I do wish you a very happy birthday anyway. I have fond memories of our meeting at Bronte last year and I hope we might be able to do it again some time - perhaps not at Bronte but More...
16/Jan/08 11:29 AM
Hi June,
Pleased to hear you are visiting Melbourne - are you coming for the tennis?
Temps should be in the low 30's Sat & Sun but without the humidity of Sydney.
I have recently moved back to Melb. after 30 years in Sydney and living without humidity is a delight. Hope you enjoy your visit.
16/Jan/08 9:59 AM
Working on it June... working on it..cool weather coming up..
In fact I've been doing a raindance like it is going out of fashion..♪♪..ooh la la ..♪♪ what a sight!!
Sorry if you aren't into rain - nobody on the north eastern seaboard of our fair country is at the moment. It is so More...
16/Jan/08 10:07 AM
Hi June, I guess you are going for the tennis? If so, I hope you have a great time (if not, I also hope you have a great time).
Macquarie sounds like a good neutral spot for our next meeting but we will discuss it further after your return.
16/Jan/08 9:07 PM
Thanks for dropping by, June. Sounds like you're in Melbourne or on your way! Have a great time. Macquarie Centre sounds like a good place for a meeting!
18/Jan/08 2:13 PM
Hi June,
Thank you so much for your birthday wishes to me on the 16th. My apologies for being so late in replying. I had a lovely day, made even better by the greetings from my new friends on this site. Thank you so much!
We feed birds in our backyard like that. Isn't it wonderful and there always seems to be a pecking order amongst them!
18/Jan/08 5:53 PM
June, for your thoughts for my friend. She is slowly improving and we are becoming more optimistic.
02/Feb/08 9:27 PM
Enjoyed a beautiful visit in your domaine. The picture on your welcoming page is just beautiful and so are your grandchildren.I love birds and you are so lucky to have them all around you. Hope to come and visit you again soon.
06/Feb/08 1:01 AM
Very happy to get an answer from you...So sorry about your ShietZu but think how lucky you were and he too for sharing a good life for that long lenght of time...colud you explain to me what NSW means...is it in the USA? I should look it up on the internet...Have a great year(2008) and we will see you again. If you come back to Ottawa, we must arrange for a visit.
07/Feb/08 11:45 PM
Hi June. Just dropped by to say hello & check the photo album!
09/Feb/08 12:10 AM
Hi it's me again, thank you for explaining where you are exactly, I will take out my map of Australia to see it better now. Have a great day?
09/Feb/08 12:49 AM
June, thank you so much for visiting. My Mom was a beautiful and proud lady who was extremely mindful of good manners. To this day I smile every time I hear talking to her imaginary friends telling them how to use the silverware, when to use the napkin, etc.
11/Feb/08 9:52 AM
Thanks June. Bar Island is an historic site. There was a church there & a school. Some of the local residents have ancestors buried there. Some of the head stones are still readable. If you want more information go to:
11/Feb/08 12:20 PM
No one actually lives on the Island, by local residents I mean around that end of the Hawkesbury River!
11/Feb/08 12:22 PM
Thank you for your wishes and always nice to come and visit you...I feel pretty comfortable sitting on that white iron chair.
12/Feb/08 6:58 AM
Happy Valentines Day June
14/Feb/08 6:48 AM
June for the birthday wishes. My husband road his bicycle to work this morning. 5mins after he'd gone (around 7am) I looked out the window & it was raining! It's not at the moment. Hope you have a great St Valentine's Day.
14/Feb/08 11:32 AM
Thanks for your good wishes, June. With 3+ grandchildren of my own, I am truly enjoying watching your little darling grow up! XO
15/Feb/08 4:46 AM
June, just stopped in for a look at your gallery pictures. Nice to meet some of the sudokuist from your area, also Linda from Pioneer. Also wonderful pictures of Europe, nice to visit places I have never been. Beautiful grandchildren.
17/Feb/08 4:33 PM
June, I was hunting for some of my lost pictures in the jigsaw archives, found a picture you might be interested in. Hard jigsaw for 11 September is a picture of you and Linda from Pioneer.
18/Feb/08 12:30 PM
June for your birthday greetings. Please have a piece of cake (and candle) and a glass of bubbly
25/Feb/08 9:25 AM
for birthday wishes. Don't let looks fool you my babies can be little......HHmm!
26/Feb/08 1:29 AM
Thanks, June ... and I'd do just about anything to bring a smile to your face! XO
29/Feb/08 1:20 PM
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