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Hey Judy, welcome. No beaver(tail) pastry for you as a page warming gift, but I did bring you a pencil sharpener for your stick!
Noice to have you back on the dark side!
29/Feb/08 6:49 AM
hello lovely lady and welcome to your page!
29/Feb/08 6:52 AM
Welcome. I hope you come to enjoy having a page and seeing what people come up with to say on it.
29/Feb/08 6:54 AM
Hey Jude♪♪♪♪ Good to have you near and dear again....and you did it quickly...must have been in the works already....cool
29/Feb/08 6:56 AM
Judy on becoming a member
29/Feb/08 7:31 AM
Judy. Very special welcome present ! More...
29/Feb/08 7:39 AM
Hello my friend. I've tried to remain quietly in the background (you know, where the wallflowers hang out), but I'm really glad you've made the giant leap into official membership, a page, & all the exposure & extra time it entails. I figured if I could break out of MY shell, you could, too!
29/Feb/08 7:43 AM
It brought a smile to my face to see that you are backback.
29/Feb/08 7:50 AM

glad you joined us all in sudokuaholicland
29/Feb/08 7:54 AM
Judy - just wanted to get in sort of early in the page!! This was the first day I have been on the site in a while, so it was fun to see the good old gang having a blast - even though at your expense. I am so glad it was just a "fun" crisis.
Kids are taking a test, and I need to get back to straightening my desk for a sub tomorrow. Have a great one.
29/Feb/08 8:09 AM
Hey Judy, I haven't join in but I love reading your comments. Have missed them...welcome back
29/Feb/08 8:18 AM
Welcome to our world, Judy
Come and be a little
or anything else you care to be.
So glad you didn't just disappear from our radar
29/Feb/08 8:21 AM
Welcome to the realms of supporting membership.
You've made a lot of people happy.
Some flowers for you to enjoy.
29/Feb/08 8:32 AM
You made it!
Let's celebrate!
I've brought flowers to brighten your new place

Shhh. Don't tell anybody, but I've made you a bejeweled More...
29/Feb/08 8:35 AM
29/Feb/08 9:22 AM
Did the gang EVER miss you!!!!

They should be happy as little clams, now!
(....even if you are a U of M fan!)
But as my grandson says, "Go Blue! Go Green!"
29/Feb/08 9:30 AM
back Judy...
29/Feb/08 9:37 AM
Judy, I'm not sure if you are aware but I have been behind you (away from your stick) 100% in your quest to tame the rebellious & rowdy males of this site, I will continue to support you quietly and if you feel some heavy breathing at your neck it's just me laughing, welcome back (it actually seems like you have never been away)
29/Feb/08 9:44 AM
My gosh, there you are! Wonderful and welcome back. I got caught up in responding to Fiona comment and composing just the perfect wheedlie statment, I neglected to notice that you had shown up. I will also offer the excuse that I just came off the golf course and am a little fatigued. All that More...
29/Feb/08 9:45 AM
Well, I guess I'll join all the other Judiholics in extending you a warm

It just occurred to me that now you can post your wedding/anniversary pictures on your own page. Or we can do as we originally planned and put them on my page. Maybe I'll find some more 39th More...
29/Feb/08 9:49 AM
Great to see you Judy, my you're looking good.
Have to love you and leave you I'm afraid, about to embark on a roadtrip with two of my daughters. Wish me luck!
Catch you Monday.
29/Feb/08 11:07 AM
Yay, Judy - great to have you on board!! Have missed you!
29/Feb/08 11:22 AM
to your own page here in Sudokuland. It is sooooo good to have you here with us! I have brought you 2 (TWO) dozen roses and I left them on your table!
29/Feb/08 11:54 AM
is anyone home
Special Delivery for a Judy

Judy welcome "HOME" to one of the sites treasures. So glad you joined, More...
29/Feb/08 11:58 AM
Hey Judy, Judy, Judy!
It's about time!!! Brought some and plus some of my favorite the liqueur More...
29/Feb/08 1:02 PM
Judy, boy were you missed.!
29/Feb/08 1:34 PM
Hey Judy, Welcome Back, glad to see you became a member.
29/Feb/08 1:46 PM
WooHoo to future duel of wits with unarmed combatants! As soon as I find my wits, I shall challenge you!
29/Feb/08 2:57 PM
Judy, Judy, Judy!!! So glad you're here! Everyone missed you as you can tell and I'm sure you've heard. to your own page! Here are some flowers to help brighten your day since you joining us has brightened ours!
29/Feb/08 3:05 PM
hey there...way to go!!!
How could you not join up!! Judiaholics unite....
29/Feb/08 4:10 PM
just realised I didn't finish what I was saying...Judiaholics unite...drazt and damn...now I bin gon and plum forgot!!!!!
29/Feb/08 4:12 PM
Judy, Welcome to member status! Glad to have you here!
29/Feb/08 4:16 PM
Judy, I am absolutely and fantastically deelighted that you chose to throw in the towel and join the rest of us oddities of nature. The fun that has been had in the past seemed like a long ago pleasure that would never come again. I read a comment here and there that lamented the fact that you More...
29/Feb/08 4:50 PM

Glad you rejoined the flock. I do enjoy your comments, sometimes . . .
29/Feb/08 6:38 PM
So crossed the bridge at last.....but then tell me, er, what 'actually' made you join??(must choose from Jeb's list)
"Shame Judy into joining" crusade.
The list:
argue into, beguile, blandish, butter, butter up*, con, deceive, decoy, delude, dupe, entice, entrap, get around, More...
29/Feb/08 6:40 PM
Dear JUDY.
You are ,
29/Feb/08 7:16 PM
Judy, Glad to see you back in the fold. It made me really sad to see so many familiar names (and personalities) drop out of sight (or should that be site),
It certainly wasn't the same without you.
As you can see, I now have two names. I set this one up so I can log on at home and not keep More...
29/Feb/08 7:24 PM
Judy - was it Angie's song that made you decide to take the plunge?
29/Feb/08 8:31 PM
Good morning, Judy! Just heard from Shiela from MI, and she and her hubby will also be celebrating their 39th this year (May, not June, but that's ok). I'll make an announcement later to see how many more members of Club 39 I can drag out of the woodwork. I'll put a "before and after" More...
01/Mar/08 12:28 AM
Judy, you asked " Whaddaya mean, "sometimes"?? . ."

Just poking ya a bit with a verbal sharp stick, Judy hehehe
01/Mar/08 2:17 AM
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