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Hello everyone Ü Welcome

to my page. Let me open a bottle of bubbly to share

Taken from Sulphur Mountain.

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k - I guess I am the first to visit your new home (page) here, but I will have to come back a see how you decorate the place. I expect great things from you!

[They say you never forget your first - visitor...]

I'm leaving a home made rum cake for you - secret family recipe!
hey nice to see you around K!! How has the crystal ball been lately? Just brought round a nice soft cloth and some Mr Sheen to give it a polish! There that's better! I seeeeee you are going to put a picccccy up soooooon!
Hi K. Just popped in for a quick cuppa but I see you aren't home yet. I'm just doing a few touch ups at my place and I'll be in there soon. Please call in and say hi. Vicki
Hey k - so good to see you back and that you have a 'home' here. Yes, shame you can't join lauren and myself - the merlot we had last night was very smoooooth....here, have a bottle!
Take care luvvie.x
Watched the video k. To quote my Kansas friends ''Well, that was different!'' I enjoy scrubs sarcasm. Merry Christmas and
Just popped in to say Hi. Brought you some and a homemade Christmas .
Just popped in to say hello and wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year x (have left some sambuca truffles for you x
Hello K, now that you've moved in I can visit you. Enjoy your own place and don't forget to come and visit me sometime. Here's a little something for you, a bottle of WA wine and some prawns for the barbie.
K, hi there! Where have you been hiding? You have a very nice little place here, and I have some holiday treats for you... some popcorn and caramel balls with a nice bottle of bubbly. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hi K! Greetings from Canada, and welcome to your page. Dropping off my traditional double chocolate fudge beavertail pastry for you as a page warming gift. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!
Hi K,wishing you a merry and a
A very Merry Christmas K & Family
and a Happy & Healthy New Year
Hi K
Robbie was awesome ... he is a very naughty boy who entertains spectacularly
for my christmas message there is a link on my page or go to
http://www.hallmark.com/ECardWeb/ECV.jsp?a=4537732145951 M153826353Y&product_id
see you at the party friday
Merry Christmas!

Hi K. Welcoming you to 2007 with a bottle of Canadian Ice Wine. Enjoy!
31/1/07 Hi K - thanks for your best wishes on my birthday. It was lovely to receive all these greetings from aroung the world - even if you are in my own town.
I didn't want any fuss on my birthday - just to go out for lunch - but there was still 15 of us. My family from all parts of Oz - it More...
Thank you very much K for the birthday wishes and the drink of bubbly. Any more and I won't make my lunch today. Oh, this is really nice. I am having a wonderful day so far just with 'phone calls, e'mails, and birthday wishes on here. And more to come with lunch then tea with friends More...
K - thanks for coming to my page & giving me a lesson in making ♥♥♥'s! I have always wondered what your k stands for? Maybe you are a Kathy, too, or a Karen or Kelly or ??? Anyway, I'm leaving some Valentine chocolate for you - Dove hearts, how appropriate! Enjoy!
thank you for visiting my page and dittoing Cols comments, I just felt that it was going to deteriorate rapidly into mud slinging and I cant stand the direct abuse to people who have just asked for a little bit of thought and care. it isnt hard to say 'I hope it all goes well', or just shut up if they dont care.
anyway, hope you are going ok. nice to see you post occasionally.
thank you for your warm greeting , it was a very nice surprise for both of us.

Sorry I have not been around much the past couple of weeks. My dad is doing well, but he tires very easily.

I am certain that Robyn would love to hear from you! She still talks about writing back to everyone soon, but she has been very busy with her schooll work. I shall speak to her when she comes home for Spring break in a week!

March 5, 2007!
Hi K: Like your Avatar, but wondering if it has some special significance? Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Cheers!
K great to see you around, how have you been it seems so long, love the avatar. It seems like an age when we all bantered in the early days xx
Hi K,Thanks for the visit and I'm glad you liked Teddy! Yes I forgot he was in flickr til you posted it! at christmas time.
Have a wonderful St.Patricks Day ,I enjoy your posts and your avatars too!
17/Mar/07 3:13 PM
K, thanks for visiting. I had a great time in Nelsons Bay with my siter and her partner. It was wonderful to just enjoy each others company.
We did lots of sight seeing. I was born in Newcastle and we lived on Lake Macquarie for my first couple of years. We did a day trip there and saw what More...
21/Mar/07 10:28 AM
Hi K!
22/Mar/07 10:29 AM
Hit submit comment by mistake. Let's start again....

Hi K! First, how are you doing? Second, what does the K stand for? Third, are you going to post any pictures? Fourth, hope all is well, and stay smiling! Cheers!
22/Mar/07 10:32 AM
K - Just wrote a comment & lost it so will start again. Wanted to tell you that I love your plumeria (or frangipani) avatar. Plumeria not only look beautiful but smell wonderful, too. We have bought three different varieties for our yard, but they have not done as well here in Florida as they did in Hawaii where I first fell in love with them. Do you have any in your yard?
05/Apr/07 11:52 AM
Well K, that's an inviting photo you've posted. Do you have a spare glass? Just stopped in to wish you and yours a Happy Easter.
07/Apr/07 9:28 AM
Hello K from Brissie - Before I get sloshed on the wine I'd just like to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter and enjoy the break.
07/Apr/07 1:36 PM
Hello K
OH my, OH Golly let me begin by saying, so sorry I havn't dropped in earlier. Shame on me.
Thank you so much for visiting my page and I'm glad your enjoying all the youtubes, there is so much out there I find it hard to know which one to post.
Hope all is well in your neck of the More...
07/Apr/07 3:12 PM

Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter
07/Apr/07 8:56 PM
here is easter bunny with lots of eggs for all the family.
wishing you a very happy easter
07/Apr/07 9:35 PM
k - hey sweetums - thanks so much for visiting, its nice to see you around - feel like we go back yonks! hey ...we do x
09/Apr/07 12:16 AM
Hello K - just listening to your Joe South YouTube, what a lovely voice he's got. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him.
We don't see you on the site much so it's nice to see you comment occasionally.
28/Apr/07 8:12 PM
Hi K,
thank you so much for dropping by my place and your good wishes. It has been a wonder day.
03/May/07 11:48 PM
Hello K,
I just found your page and wanted to say Hi.
I have left you a bouquet of Iris on the table.
Stop by for a visit anytime
Happy Mothers Day!
14/May/07 3:40 AM
thank you for the smilie .....
hope all is going well for you. very busy here so not much time to chat on the pages.
and so many pages now to play around on.
take care
26/May/07 8:31 AM
Hi K Have been off for a while, but like you keep coming back to say hi every now & then, good to see you still around
08/Jun/07 9:32 PM
Hi K, thanks for the birthday wishes. Nice to know I'm remembered even though have been away for a while.
11/Jun/07 10:19 PM
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