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Hi Sue! I had to hurry over so I could be the first visitor to your page! Now you can post the picture of us on your OWN page!! Good for you. Have you started fooling around with Flickr yet? Stay warm out there in OK - okay! Happy Easter & Happy Spring!!
08/Apr/07 8:23 AM
Welcome to posting and don't worry about the wrong message. I won't have my pictures ready for a while, but I've been trying to get my son's help since the first of the year.
Since it's Easter I've brought you some chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and peeps to enjoy while you're getting it More...
08/Apr/07 2:43 PM
Sue, you're making great progress - see you've created an avatar already! Received your photo of us & will work on putting that on Flickr today. We won't have ANY family with us today - I think that's the first time EVER! That's okay, though, we will use the day to rest & relax before we see all of them later this month.
08/Apr/07 11:27 PM
Hello Sue, and welcome to your own page in Sudokuland! I have a tradition of leaving some double chocolate fudge beavertail pastries from Ottawa as a page warming gift, so I hope you like chocolate. Happy Easter to you and yours, and welcome as a SM!
09/Apr/07 2:39 AM
Hello, Sue! LOVED the photo! Welcome to this grat site. Just wish I had more time to participate... Hope you enjoy the wine - St Joseph - a lovely wine from these parts - and the cheeses.

09/Apr/07 7:02 AM
Welcome Sue
I come bearing a basket of easter eggs for you to enjoy.
may you have as much fun as the rest of us with these pages and interaction with each other
09/Apr/07 7:11 AM
hey Sue - welcome!! May you have a long and happy association with this site.
09/Apr/07 9:41 AM
Sue to your own page. I hope you have as much fun as us 'oldies' have over the past fifteen months or so as S.M.
Here's some as a small welcoming gift.
09/Apr/07 11:20 AM
Sue - Good to see you join the group with pages!! Welcome from south of the border.
Very unusual orchid.
09/Apr/07 12:39 PM
Orchids are one of my inside plant passions. Most of the orchids I have are traditional looking, but I do have a few of the non traditional. Have about 30 orchids total.
09/Apr/07 1:51 PM
Sue - I live in College Station - home of Texas A&M. Where in Oklahoma do you live?
Cool about Gus the Pittsburg State mascot.
11/Apr/07 11:14 AM
Hi Sue
Sorry I havn't popped in earlier, dropping off a bottle of Bubbly to help celebrate your new SM page.
Love the Orchid, is that one of yours?
12/Apr/07 6:07 PM
Hello Sue just popped in to say welcome to your page. Beautiful orchid. I have left you some parcels of chocolate, hope you enjoy xx
13/Apr/07 3:01 AM
SUE, Good to have you join us with your very own page. What wonderful pictures you have posted. I love the orchid on this page. It is just beautiful. I read that you had gotten the one that you use as an avatar outside of Phila. Do you remember where it was? I love flowers, but have More...
13/Apr/07 5:48 AM
Sue - thanks for the long note!! We are going to be 'in' Alaska for a little over a week. We are going to fly into Anchorage on a Friday, have the weekend there, and then board a cruise ship on Monday. We will arrive in Vancouver the next Monday.
I suspect that it will be a tremendous trip More...
16/Apr/07 12:02 PM
Hi Sue,it seems that my avatar has exposed the siamese lovers in our community. Yes, he was our cat but like yours he was devoted to me, and only me. He was a wonderful animal, full of mischief and affection. Unfortunately he has gone to cat heaven and I am left with only a few photos and some More...
17/Apr/07 11:07 AM
Hi Ian, I am with you would love to have another siamese but-----. They have the most personality (good or bad) of any cat I have seen. Ours was female, she hated to be left at home and yes she loved to ride in the car. Would shred all the T paper and paper towels if left. Had her for 15 years, I More...
17/Apr/07 3:26 PM
Sue, I am with you, siamese have more personality than any other cat I know.
As far as the orchid goes, I was only curious. I am not an orchid expert but I find them to be the most fascinating of flowers. I tried to 'Google' orchids and very quickly found myself out of my depth.
Never mind.
17/Apr/07 4:12 PM
Sue, incredible Orchid. I just put the picture I got the Avatar from on Flickr. Thanks for asking. I present you with my standard housewarming gift to welcome you to SM status, a Redwood Burl. Keep it watered and stand back, in a thousand years, you'll have a majestic Redwood tree. If you want more info on Redwoods and Burls, you can find it on my Flickr site.
18/Apr/07 5:15 AM
Sue - no problem with the 'tour guide'! We are definitely planning to go to the market on Saturday (we fly in on Friday, June 15th). We are thinking we may be able to get all our souvenirs (presents!) out of the way before we actually get in our ship. Then we can just enjoy ourselves.
We are looking at going on either a helicopter glacier trip or one of the scenic train rides.
19/Apr/07 10:22 AM
Sue - another GREAT orchid! Last night I signed us (Jeanie and me) up for a helicopter ride with glacier landings. I am really getting excited about this trip.
I sense lots of great pictures to add to my flickr site.
22/Apr/07 3:19 PM
Hi Sue, as you can tell its quite late here on my side of the world, but needed a break from all the sewing and decided to go for a sudokuland tour. Wow another amazing Orchid, they are so beautiful, is there such a thing as a flower show, with prizes? If there is I'm sure you would win first prize More...
27/Apr/07 1:20 AM
Hi Sue! Beautiful picture on your page, and really great to heat Aretha Franklin on your You Tube. Cheers, and take care!
28/Apr/07 11:24 AM
I wanted to comment on a few of your pictures but was blocked by the sign-in requirements. You have some great photos. You might consider subimitting the butterflt shot and the squirrel shot (among others) to the site for all to see. Cheers!
28/Apr/07 11:29 AM
Ironic Sue, as I received an email message last night that had this Enya song in it. I went looking for it on You Tube but couldn't find it. Thanks for posting it!
30/Apr/07 7:47 AM
Sue, thanks for the visit and the lovely flowers.
I'll leave you a bottle of Houghton Wine from the local vinyards in the Swan Valley.
Love your Orchids, wow beautiful
01/May/07 3:48 PM
Sue for visiting my page, sorry but i'm going to bed now as it is 11:55pm here and my alarm goes off at 6:00 am. good night for now.
01/May/07 3:49 PM
to Sudokuland! It was nice to have you visit. I really enjoy watching the Hummers. It is so lonesome when they leave in the Fall. I thought I had a lot of them, but I think you may have twice as many as I have. I have graduated to three 2-cup feeders. (Only because they fight More...
01/May/07 11:15 PM
Hi! I am back......Your pictures are great. Your yard looks beautiful. What a great place to attract birds. Your woodpecker was a nice picture! And....was that Kathy/Valrico? I think I recognized her! Please come and visit again.
01/May/07 11:25 PM
Sue, thank you for the Iris. It was nice to have you visit. I haven't had a chance to do anything on the page yet, nor am I sure I would know how to.
02/May/07 3:40 AM
sue, thanks for dropping in with those lovely iris! they are really lovely. they bring back memories of my mum who used to grow them.
from your photo i guess that you have an amazing garden - would love to have more time for mine, but water is a real issue at the moment - we are in the grips of More...
02/May/07 4:48 AM
Hello Sue thanks for popping into bertie from chocolateheavens page - its actually mine as I log in as bertie to the chatroom so got it as a free membership. The chocolate was delicious xx
Loved the music wonderful x
02/May/07 5:50 AM
Thanks for the flowers Sue.
Next time you visit bring your dance shoes. If you don't know how to 2-step, we'll give you a lesson.
02/May/07 7:04 AM
Thank you for the flowers. I just love your orchid pic.
02/May/07 11:37 AM
to your own page. I have brought some and to brighten up your place a bit
02/May/07 1:14 PM
Hello Sue! Thank you for the warm welcome.
02/May/07 2:03 PM
Hi Sue
Loved the photo and the music is beautiful to listen to reading while reading everyone's comments
thanks for visiting me and for the floweres
02/May/07 4:05 PM
Hi Sue. I have only just been told that I need to reply to people in their own page. Oooops.
Thank you for the very warm welcome.
02/May/07 5:41 PM
Hi Sue, Thanks for the iris when you visited my page. I do love your spider orchid.
I would like to give you a pink camelia which are just comming out in my garden
02/May/07 6:15 PM
Hello Sue.
With pleasure I visiting You now to enjoy seeing Your beautiful Orchid and hearing Your beautiful Music which are very interst.I like it too much.
Have a nice Day.
02/May/07 6:32 PM
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